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Customer Comments about Top Rated Movers, Gentle Giant

Earning more than 80% of our business from referred and repeat customers is our greatest source of pride. Customers of Gentle Giant Moving Company routinely send letters, emails, and surveys that are full of praise for our highly trained movers and our exceptionally competent sales staff.Top Rated Movers

Why do Gentle Giant customers become customers for life?


"None, none of the companies were even close to my experience with Gentle Giant - the entire package was just perfect - attitude, efficiency, speed, price (a bit pricey but worth every penny for preserved sanity). I have dealt with other moving companies worldwide and GG is simply the best. You save us a lot of stress."
Leonardo, a satisfied Washington, DC area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer

"Our move with Gentle Giant was awesome. The two gentlemen you sent to move us were excellent. Your prices were unbeatable and the fact that your guys RAN in and out of our house was impressive. My husband and I liked the fact that they both were highly educated, clean, and polite. I never expected to be so impressed!!!!"
Laura, a satisfied Charlotte, NC area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer


"They were punctual and worked their tails off the entire time, no chatting or goofing. Professional team effort to complete the job. Communication and follow through was excellent. As an operations professional, I can say that your process is impressive. From initial contact to completion, everyone was "on target." Informed, professional, courteous. Thank you!"
Angela, a satisfied Boston, MA area Gentle Giant Moving Company "The crew was amazing they worked so hard in sweltering heat running up and downstairs with a friendly, funny attitude. They were a pleasure!! You have great people working for you which must mean that you choose good people and treat them well. I wish a lot more companies used your methods."
Janet, a satisfied New York, NY area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer

"The crew was amazing! I could not believe the level of professionalism. My husband and I have moved five times and the other moves pale in comparison. From top to bottom, best moving crew I have ever encountered. Unbelievable. Your company should consider themselves lucky to have such nice, polite, strong, and professional men working for them. I would call them again in a second!"
Beth, a satisfied Boston, MA area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer


"The movers were very careful with my things, and I appreciated that they took the time to wrap everything up since it was raining. They even removed a window in order to fit my sofa in the apartment, which was awesome! I think they went above and beyond, and it was worth the money!"
Kelly, a satisfied Washington, DC area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer

"Your customer service is truly outstanding. As you know I have been a long time client of Gentle Giant. It is very obvious that your customer care is extremely important to you. I commend your service. Everybody at GG goes the extra mile to make things happen."
Marcie, a satisfied Boston, MA area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer


"Thank you for the wonderful service on both ends of this move. Everything went very smoothly, and each person - phone staff, crew chiefs, and movers - rates an A+ in my book. All the guys were terrific, and no one ever got impatient or irritable with each other or with me. You guys deserve your marvelous reputation!"
Marie, a satisfied Boston, MA area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer

"I have never had a move so smooth and stress free. Every contact I had with your company was excellent. I selected you from the BBB website as having no complaints; I can see why you have none. I will never use any other mover, and will recommend you to all I am in contact with."
Rebecca, a satisfied Charlotte, NC area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer

"Our crew! They handled a complicated interstate move with professionalism and good humor. Everything arrived safely and in good shape. We are very happy customers. We've used Gentle Giant several times now. Each time I've been so impressed with the training and communication skills of the crew. You have a great business and wonderful people working for and with you. Thank you!"
Mary, a satisfied New Hampshire area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer


"They were polite, professional, intelligent, efficient, super strong, careful, and had a great sense of humor. It was a stressful day for us and this crew took such great care of us that it made it much less stressful. Like knights in shining armor, they were really there to help."
Kevin, a satisfied Boston, MA area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer

"I was most impressed by the precision of my team. My words of praise feel inadequate to the superiority of their technique and hard work, all of it done with wit and good cheer. After 42 years in one place, I anticipated the move with terror but, once underway, my team made me feel so safe that by our final farewell, I couldn't believe how well things had gone. Bravo. Well done. Hip, hip, hooray!"
Mary Lou, a satisfied Boston, MA area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer

"They worked quickly but were very careful to protect everything. The team was great. Very professional, polite, considerate, and did not lollygag."
Christine, a satisfied New York, NY area Gentle Giant Moving Company customer