Gentle Giants Love the Summertime!

These Giants make this 4,000 lbs. piece seem lightweight. Amazing!

Do you know what the only thing better than moving furniture is? That’s right, moving furniture in the summertime!

Ask any of the Giants on the trucks, and they will tell you that summertime is the best time to move. The Giants are athletes and working their tales off all day while pushing them to limits they didn’t think possible is what they signed up for at Gentle Giant. This, combined with the weather being beautiful, people being out and about, and having plenty of furniture in need of relocation is what makes summertime so great. Oh, and all of the summertime Giants come back to help on the trucks.

When I say summertime Giants, I am referring to the college students, teachers, international guys on the H2B Visa, and everybody else that comes back year after year during our busiest months from May to September. Gentle Giant has been incredibly fortunate to not only consistently bring in new, talented help every year, but we pride ourselves on retaining these Giants throughout the years.

Gentle Giant invests so much in training these employees and keeping them happy, that having them come back summer after summer is a key component to the development of their leadership skills. We count on our returning Giants to take what they’ve learned about moving and the culture at Gentle Giant to pass it on to the new summer help. This is a key component to keeping Gentle Giant the type of place we have cultivated over the past three decades.

I am so happy to have everybody back, as well as welcoming the new Giants to our family. Grab a GG tank top and show off your guns while you embark on another truly exceptional summer at Gentle Giant.

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