Why Being a Realtor Recommended Moving Company in New York is so Important

Gentle Giant Moving Company’s New York Regional Manager Noah Duarte can speak at length about the importance of being a reputable realtor’s moving company of choice.

“A good realtor does so much more than show homes to people,” Noah explained while running a job recently. “They are a trusted resource their clients rely on for valuable tips, recommendations, and information. A good realtor would never recommend a company he or she didn’t actually believe in themselves.”

Commercial jobs, Residential Jobs; Gentle Giant does it all

Noah, as well as Gentle Giant’s other regional managers, have been working over the past few years to strengthen their relationships with realtors as a means to give them as much insight into the moving industry as possible.

“When I talk to realtors, they tell me most of their clients fear the actual move over any other part of the process. So if I can provide them with the knowledge I have gained through the years on the trucks, I’m giving them information and an edge over realtors.”

So, before your next move, be┬ásure to ask your realtor who the best moving company around is. I could ruin the surprise and tell you it’s Gentle Giant, but I’ll let you find out for yourself :-)

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