How Blue Cross Blue Shield Chose Gentle Giant for their Commercials

If you are in New England and love Wheel Of Furtune, you’ve probably seen¬†one of three¬†Blue Cross Blue Shield commercials featuring Gentle Giant Moving Company.

For the past several years, Blue Cross Blue Shield has run a campaign featuring companies and people that truly benefit from having a BC/BS card in their wallet. Gentle Giant caught their attention by demonstrating the attributes BC/BS looks for in a company they want to be associated with.

Because moving can be a dangerous activity, and injuries can happen, our Giants really feel a sense of comfort knowing they have BC/BS and Gentle Giant on their side in case of an emergency. Even outside of work, our Giants are active people that participate in physical sports and activities.

BC/BS also picked Gentle Giant because it is not too often you find moving companies that provide their employees with the best health insurance around. In fact, most moving companies don’t even offer health insurance.

So if you haven’t seen these great commercials, they are appearing on most network stations. Let us know what you think!

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