Charlotte Moving Company Gentle Giant Passes Away All Day

Gentle Giant Moving Companyin Charlotte, NC has been recognized as the Best of the Best since they opened their doors a few years ago. The factors that have led to such recognition are the athleticismof the Giant’s executing these jobs, the professionalism in which they effortlessly bring to each job, and the commitment to customer service Gentle Giant prides itself on.

Customers are always astounded by how fast the Giants clear the house at the onload. They are always asking what our secret is, and it is in fact a very simple one. The first part of the onload is clearing the hosue of all the boxes. By doing this first, the house is clear of box related clutter so that the furniture and larger pieces can be prepped and brought out to the truck free of obstruction. Also, by loading the boxes tightly into the truck first, the trucks space is maximized, possibly saving the additional cost of bringing a  second truck out the job or making two trips.

The boxes are a key to our heralded speed. The Giants employ an assembly line like approach to getting the boxes out. The first Giant is in the house, going room by room clearing out the boxes. As the first Giant makes his way out of the house, he or she will pass the box to the next Giant, then race back to the room being cleared out. Then the Giant now carrying the box will pass it to the next Giant as it makes its way to the truck where the Giant loading the truck will fill it in securely. One of the things that slows down other moving companies is having to wiggle around empty-handed coworkers as they pass each other on the stairs. At the Giant, emptying a house is a team effort, and our efforts are maximized by handing off boxes and hustling throughout the day.

To see Gentle Giant’s Charlotte movers move your items out at record speed, call us at 1-800-442-6863 or Request an Estimate Online.

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