Gentle Giant Regions Move For Hunger

Being actively involved as a company in the community is extremely important for our regional offices. Engaging a community is truly a multifaceted work and can mean many things to many people. In order to be sustainable, activities need to align with our passion and our resources. While there are a number of possibilities that are being actively considered, Gentle Giant’s Charlotte Manager Robert Farnum was pleased to announce that his office, with several others, have taken a big step in the right direction.

Yesterday, Farnum and his crew officially partnered with “Move for Hunger” in the Charlotte Region. It is a great fit and will give them the opportunity to directly give to those in need in the course of doing their daily work.

The process will look like this:

1)     As a part of the sales process, they will mention their partnership with Move for Hunger and let customers know that they will take away any unwanted food items (non perishable and in donation ready condition) to give to a local food bank for distribution to those who have needs in their community. Additionally, Gentle Giant will have special 1.5 boxes with Move for Hunger stickers that will be left at customers houses during on-sights just for this purpose.

2)     During the move each crew chief will double check with customers (make them aware if it was missed during sales process/ make sure they know where donatables are). All food should be put in a box for easy transport before leaving the job to keep this straight forward. At the end of the move Gentle Giant will take the donated food back to the warehouse where it will be stored in a designated area.

3)     Approximately 1 time per month they will deliver all collected food to the food bank where they will get a donation reciept and weight slip. There are a number of reasons why this is important but one of the hopes is to keep weight tallies per region and make it a bit of a competition.

This is a great opportunity for Gentle Giant to make a big difference. Everyone feels good about themselves for taking the initiative to make this a reality.

Gentle Giant Charlotte will be rolling out more info in the next couple of weeks. In the mean time, here are links to Move for Hunger and Second Harvest Food Bank. 

Move for hunger

Second Harvest Food Bank

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