How Charlotte Movers at Gentle Giant Keep the Claims Down

One of the things Gentle Giant Moving Company in Charlotte does best is move furniture. This has a lot to do with the intensive training all of the Giants go through before they ever step foot on a moving truck. Once they are on the trucks, there is on the job training from some of the most experienced, talented movers in the business.

Because of the high level of moving expertise our Giants have in Charlotte, it is very rareĀ that something breaks during the job. Charlotte is a relatively small office, and any claim by a customer takes a big dent in their bottom line. The best way they combat claims is by doing things the safest and proper way, ensuring nothing ever gets broken in the first place.

You can also bet that any claim they do have is the result of a mistake they will only make once. To book these careful Charlotte professionals for your upcoming move, call 1-800-442-6863 or Request an Estimate Online.

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