How Massachusetts Moving Company Gentle Giant Got to the Top of Boston

Gentle Giant Box Xpress Manager Will Allen blasting up the stairs during last year's Race Up Boston Place

For the last few years, Massachusetts based moving company Gentle Giant has enjoyed the view from the top. Yes, some may consider us to be the top mover, but I meant “top” in a physical measure, as in, we are 42 flights of stairs above the city after competing in the American Lung Association’s “Fight For Air Climb”.

Each year, Gentle Giant puts together a team of Giants that not only love blasting up stairs, but want to contribute to the fight for children with asthma, teens who are pressured to start smoking, people with lung cancer and emphysema, and everyone who wants to breathe healthy air in our communities.

The event is a 42 story race up One Boston Place’s stairwell on February 4th in which individuals, teams, businesses, firefighters, Giants, and everybody else interested in raising money for the American Lung Association. Although it is really not about winning, I am happy to say that our Giants have had the best team score for the past few years, and we hope to replicate this speed on Saturday. If you are around and want to witness a great event, come join us!

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