Innovation Sets Lorton, VA Moving Company Gentle Giant Apart From the Rest

Picking things up and putting them down. Picking things up and putting them down. For those unfamiliar with the intricate details of the relocation arts, this may be what is thought of a mover on the job. Alas, a lot more than this goes in to a smooth running, damage free move.

For Gentle Giant Moving Company in Lorton, VA, finding ways to make their moves go quickly and safely has been a key factor for them as they rise to the top of the local moving industry. Now, some of the ideas that have been implemented are more revolutionary than others, but all are ways to separate themselves from their competition.

One innovation that Gentle Giant brings to Lorton is the idea of running boxes. People familiar with the Gentle Giant brand know that we have been running boxes since we opened up shop in Boston 30 years ago, but in VA, this is new and exciting.

Continue checking back on Mondays for some highlighted innovations across Gentle Giant’s regional offices. We’ll even be sure to sprinkle in some half-baked ideas that never¬†quite¬†came to fruition.

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