Gentle Giant Interstate Zaps Stress PRIOR to Move

Gentle Giant Interstate knows that, for most people, long distance moving is even more stressful than a local move! The amazing thing is how much our team of Certified Moving Consultants enjoy alleviating anxiety. Let’s face it – moving hundreds or even thousands of miles away is tough. Not only is it something most people don’t do often, it’s fraught with extra challenges. You’ve got:

  • ~job start dates
  • ~being in limbo for longer
  • ~unfamiliar surroundings
  • ~kids in completely new schools
  • ~pets (2000 mile road trip with Fluffy, anyone?)
  • ~booking flights
  • ~dealing with complicated estate situations


You name it. And there are tons of horror stories about the Interstate moving industry, so we asked ourselves, How can Gentle Giant be different given that people choose us specifically for crews that deliver consistent results?

There was but one solution: Maintain complete control over the process without outsourcing to non-Gentle Giant personnel.

In other words we chose to be fully Independent (not part of the big “Van Line” networks). That way a lone driver doesn’t have to scrounge around for random labor at the destination. Our drivers are Master Crew Chiefs working in small teams so it’s just us with our usual attention to detail and flair for a job well done. And that’s a great feeling, hiring one company regularly awarded for their quality control and integrity.

A big highlight for our Interstate team is calling people with their exact pickup and delivery dates in advance (which is almost unheard of in the industry)! Our relationships with Interstate customers last much longer than local moves too – sometimes situations can go on for months, with storage and all manner of sometimes dizzyingly complex facets.

So what keeps our team going? That palpable sense of relief heard from the very first call. Every day they hear stress melting away as they review what our customers can confidently expect of Gentle Giant. Sure, there are some pretty complicated logistics, but before the move even happens, people share how happy they are that we’re making the process easy so they have that “one less thing” to worry about amidst all the other balls they’re juggling.

When everything’s finally delivered – beds reassembled, dressers tucked into just the right corner – it really makes everything worthwhile to know that any unease was minimized the whole way through, even before a single box had been packed.

At Gentle Giant, we like to think that helping to ease the apprehension of moving is a small part of making the world function a little better every day.

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