How New York Movers Gentle Giant Mix it Up

Across all of Gentle Giant Moving Company’s Regional Offices, making relationships with the community, key influencers, and above all our customers, is a huge priority for us. By making and keeping relationships, we have been able to immerse ourselves within the fabric of the communities we service. We are always looking for interesting organizations to partner with, charities to support, and events to participant.

Noah Duarte, Gentle Giant’s New York Manager, has had a lot of success meeting great people to work with by being active in the networking network. Yes, you read that right. These days, networking is a business, and it has its own network. As crazy as that sounds, Noah has navigated his way through this sometimes tricky network to build some strong relationships that have greatly benefited from what Gentle Giant has to offer.

Next week, Noah will be mixing it up with New York’s biggest wigs at the 10th Mega Mixer Business Expo. At this expo, a who’s who of New York’s finest businesses will be networking to discuss potential partners, contractors, and ideas. For Noah, the best part of these events are seeing the look on peoples’ faces when they begin to understand the wide range of services and possibilities Gentle Giant has to offer.

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