What Secret to a Fast Move Other Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Great Giant Moving Company in San Francisco has begun to make a name for itself by blasting out difficult moves in record time while showing great respect for all the pieces moved. For other companies, moving fast sometimes means moving carelessly, but not Great Giant.

One secret they begged us not to share was their secret for flying large items out of the house quickly while maximizing room on the truck. You didn’t hear this from us, but because Great Giant hires athletes whose strength often match their speed, they are able to blast large pieces like desks, filing cabinets, nightstands and dressers out of the house while leaving their contents inside. That’s right, a dresser full of clothes would normally take some time to empty and box up, but when Great Giant is on the job, the dresser is inspected to make sure it can be moved with its contents, then it is wrapped up and carried out of the house with as much ease as if it were empty. For desks, it takes an extra step because the drawers have a lot of loose items that need some attention. In instances like this, the Giants will take packing paper and stuff the drawers so that nothing shifts in transit.

One note on filing cabinets. The Giants will of course move filing cabinets with contents, but it is recommended to empty a few drawers because with it full, there is a greater chance of damaging the cabinet in transit on account of all the weight.

This may all sound too good to be true, so to see it for yourself, call Great Giant at 1-800-442-6863 or Request an Estimate Online.

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