Fast Facts About the Moving Industry and Gentle Giant

The moving industry is a dynamic, ever changing landscape filled with amazing companies employing truly innovative techniques to separate themselves from the fierce competition out there. The AMSA, or American Moving and Storage Association, is a remarkable resource for all moving companies passionate about being the best, and they recently posted some interesting facts that really show how big of an industry moving really is.

AMSA reported that America’s moving industry directly employs 122,600 people and contributes $1.2 billion in taxes every year.  The industry generates $16.5 billion in annual revenue and spends $7 billion on equipment, materials, parts and supplies and services needed to conduct business.

$8.9 billion in household earnings and 353,000 jobs can be attributed to the moving and storage industry. With 8,100 companies conducting operations at 17,000 locations, moving and storage businesses stimulate the economy of every state in America.

While 96% of business establishments in the industry are small local businesses that earn less than $10 million annually and account for 72% of all industry jobs, 84% of all industry business establishments are micro-businesses that earn less than $1 million annually and account for 31% of all industry jobs.

The number of industry jobs is 1.6 times greater than the number of jobs in the auto manufacturing industry (2008) and 5.6 times greater than the industry of scheduled air freight transportation.

About Gentle Giant  Moving Company

We have been in business since 1980 serving New England, New York, Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, Seattle, and San Francisco.

We move over 12,000 families every year, and that number continues to rise as we expand locally and nationally.

We employ close to 500 people, a lot who have been here for more than 10 years. Gentle Giant is still run by its founder Larry O’Toole, the Original Gentle Giant.

We participate in dozens of activities and charities to support our local community, including the Gentle Giant Charitable Foundation, MoveForHunger, More Than Words, Everybody Wins Power Lunch, Shark Swims, the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, the Warrior Dash, and the East Cambridge Rib Fest, just to name a few. For more on our charitable work and community outreach, visit our web page at:

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