There is a Moving Truck and Movers in my way! What do I do?!

We’ve all been in this jam before. You are running late for work. You get two steps out your front door, only to realize you left your keys inside. You blast back inside the house, look frantically for your keys while keeping a close eye on the clock. Each second that passes means another decibel higher your boss will scream at you.

Found the keys! You sail out the door, sprint to your car. What the heck!?! Why is there a big, dumb moving truck blocking you in!?!?!?!?! To your dismay, permits were put up, and a notice was left on your car, but still, what the darn heck!?!

Because Gentle Giant has been on the receiving end of a few tongue lashings prompted by scenarios just like this one, we have decided to put together a few pointers to help get you (and your vehicle) out of this predicament in the best possible way.

1.) Breathe and realize it could have been worse – To work in cities like Boston, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, Charlotte, and Providence, professional movers like Gentle Giant have to procure permits for their moving trucks. This means that if our moving truck shows up and there are cars in the permitted spots, we reserve the right to get the car towed. Because Gentle Giant is in the business of relieving stress, not providing it, we take the approach of either working around the car, or calling the police to contact the vehicle’s owner to move it, instead of just having it towed. Just remember, we all have jobs to do, and the movers are not blocking you on purpose, rather we are simply trying to help our clients move.

2.) Check the back of the truck – If a moving truck is blocking you, the best thing you can do is check the back of the truck. At Gentle Giant, we run the boxes and furniture out the truck, so we are constantly going between the house and the truck. When you do see a mover, simply ask if you can get your car out. We are in the service industry, and we live to serve. It is in our nature to bend over backwards to help people. The folks that lay into us with threats and cursing aren’t doing themselves any favors. As the old saying goes, murder us with kindness.

3.) Call the company – If the truck blocking you doesn’t seem to have anybody around it, look at the driver or passenger side door. Licensed and insured companies usually put at least a phone number on the door for circumstances like this one. Get the number, call, and explain the situation. If the company is like Gentle Giant, a dispatcher will then find out who the driver on the job is, then contact them to move the truck. This process usually takes about 5 minutes. At Gentle Giant, if we are blocking a car and will not be at the truck regularly, we leave a note with the driver’s number on the car’s windshield so that this phone call process can be expedited.

If you follow these easy steps, you’ll be unblocked in no time and on your way to work. Also, you now have a terrific excuse for being late :-)

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