“Giant Innovations” that Changed the Moving Industry – Part 1

For professional moving companies like Gentle Giant, a big challenge we face is separating ourselves from our competition. Gentle Giant has had success doing this by constantly innovating new ways to make moving safer, quicker, and more efficient.

Since we began moving in 1980, Gentle Giant has been making tweaks and adjustments to the way we execute moves. While some of these innovations were looked at cockeyed when we first rolled them out, several have been adopted across the moving industry as a whole.

Over the next few weeks, we will be diving into the “Giant Innovations” Series, which will identify some of the innovations Gentle Giant has implemented into our business through the years.

To start this series, we want to start with our greatest, and simplest innovation, Customer Service. When Gentle Giant first got into the moving industry, movers had a reputation for being lazy, unapproachable, and careless. Gentle Giant’s Founder and CEO Larry O’Toole took note of this, and committed himself to changing that perception.

When Larry began moving people locally, word spread quickly about this Giant man that showed up on time, ready to work, and wouldn’t leave a job until his customer was 100% satisfied. Because this was such a new approach in the moving industry, Larry and Gentle Giant experienced a large influx of new customers that were tired of being mistreated by uncaring movers.

Gentle Giant’s commitment to unrivaled Customer Service is still a core value throughout the company. This begins during the hiring process, where we look beyond an applicants physical strength and make sure the individual has integrity, as well as a genuine concern for each customer’s most valuable possessions.

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