How Gentle Giant Moving Company in Seattle Chooses Events to Sponsor

When Gentle Giant opened up a branch in Seattle, WA, we instantly got caught up in the vibrant community spirit, the wonderfully diverse people, and the fantastically challenging moves that required our Giants to put their training and skills to the test. Now that Gentle Giant has been in Seattle for over four years, we have a better understanding of what it will take to continue being successful.

For starters, people in Seattle care about quality, not only in the work being done, but in the people performing the work. Gentle Giant has always hired high quality people to do a high quality job, and that has paid off immensely in Seattle. The word of mouth is spreading about us, and we are looking to capitalize on that. Word about Gentle Giant is also getting out because we have attached ourselves to big community events that share our core values.

The Windermere Cup Regatta is a beautiful crew race hosted by the University of Washington, and is sponsored by Windermere Real Estate. Gentle Giant chose to sponsor a Hospitality Tent at the Regatta for several reasons. For starters, the Windermere Cup is a beloved event in the Seattle community. People and their families come from all over to soak up the fun on Lake Washington. In all of Gentle Giant’s regions, we are purposefully selective to find events that bring communities together in a fun way, and the Windermere Cup is no exception.

The Windermere Cup Regatta is also a big win for Gentle Giant because all of Windermere’s Real Estate Agents are present, and they are thrilled that Gentle Giant contributes so much to the event. For us, having strong relationships with Realtors is very important because they have a direct line to people moving, aka potential Gentle Giant customers.

Finally, Windermere Cup is a perfect event for us because of our long time association with the rowing community. Gentle Giant was founded by a rower, Larry O’Toole, and a lot of our company culture is rooted in the same values rowing has. Strength, endurance, synchronization with your team, and a “never quit”┬ámentality.

We look forward to getting involved in even more terrific events in Seattle, and our other regions.

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