What Makes a Gentle Giant?

When I first started moving furniture back in 1980, I knew a few things. I knew that the moving industry was populated by lugs that didn’t give a broken lampshade about customer service. I knew people always had their guard up around movers, for they were expecting to be taken advantage of. I also knew from my time as a competitive athlete how important the values of teamwork, respect, and hustle were.

I took these few facts and started Gentle Giant, a moving company that I felt could turn the moving industry on its head by hiring well trained athletes who possessed the strength and endurance to give it 110% day in and day out, while also delivering high quality customer service. This formula worked, and with many years of incredibly hard work, word began to spread about Gentle Giant. 32 years later, we are a multi-award winning national moving company with 19 offices in 9 states.

The question remains though, how do we continue growing without losing quality. Better yet, how do we continue growing and increase quality? The answer, like back in the early days, is in the quality of Giants we hire, train, and put in front of our customers. I consider myself one of the luckiest CEO’s around because I don’t have to worry about any of the people Gentle Giant sends out on the trucks.

When we look to hire a Giant, we are not looking for a laborer, but rather a leader. Giants possess strength, integrity, and determination to be a highly contributing member of a fast moving team.

Many current movers at Gentle Giant have been with us for several years, citing workplace satisfaction as a top reason for staying on for so long. We provide a professional and challenging workplace, as well as a valuable set of skills for when an employee moves on to other endeavors.

I say it often, but once a Giant, always a Giant. Do you think you have what it takes to become a Giant? Apply for a job online!

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