Meet the Giants: Recruitment Manager Craig Averett

Craig Averett is responsible for bringing great people in to the Gentle Giant workforce.

Craig Averett: Recruitment Manager

The quick witted and affable Craig Averett answered a Gentle Giant newspaper ad saying “Athletes Wanted” after graduating from Westfield State in 2002 and has been part of the GG team ever since. Craig started off his first year in the Acton, Massachusetts Branch, where he had a lot of responsibility thrown at him early, but was fortunate to be able to work with some great Crew Chiefs that immersed him in the Gentle Giant culture. The camaraderie with the people in the company, and forming friendships, is what ultimately drew him to make a career at Gentle Giant.

Just like the Winnie the Pooh 1st Edition book set that Craig recalls moving, Craig’s journey through Gentle Giant has been unique.  After 5 years as the Acton manager, Craig switched locations to the Needham warehouse. In Needham he learned valuable management skills, including running a facility on a day to day basis, fostering relationships with the other Giants, and creating a positive work environment. Craig was recently promoted to Recruitment Manager for Gentle Giant and is now responsible for the new faces joining the GG team.

Craig believes that Gentle Giant brings out the true person that you are, starting with the Stadium Run, and then does a great job keeping those people on board and involved in the company.  Craig cites the high emphasis on excellence and pride workers take in the Gentle Giant reputation is what makes GG the best moving company in the world.

Craig, referred to affectionately as Daddy by his daughter Annabelle and unborn son Mark, enjoys hiking, gardening and skiing in his free time with friends and his wife, Heather.

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