Moving Yourself? Pack Like the Pros with These Helpful Tips – Part 2

In Part 2 of the Original Gentle Giant Blog’s profile on Packing Like the Pros, we will discuss setting up your packing workstation so that it is easy and safe for you to pack.

In Part 1 of this series, we reviewed the selection of boxes available, and what they should be used for. So Step 1 of setting up a workstation is putting an assortment of moving boxes in a close, convenient location so that they are easily accessible.

When our Gentle Giants get ready to pack, they find a dining room or kitchen table to work at that they can cover with a pad to prevent scratching. Tables are best because it provides ample space and negates constant bending over. If an appropriate table is not available, the Giants have developed a system where we tape up a large 5.2 Dish Box, then lay a 5.2 on top of it, like the picture to the right.

Once the workstation is set up, grab a ream of the white packing paper and lay it out in front of you. Also, bring several items you will be packing onto the table or around your workstation so that you can easily grab the items, wrap them in paper, and place them in your box. But before you load anything into the box, place Paper Bumpers across the bottom of the box. Paper Bumpers can be easily made by crumpling up a sheet or two of white packing paper, then rolling them up in another piece of paper like a high fiber, papery burrito. Once you have a few bumpers made, you can line the bottom of the box with them, which helps greatly to prevent damage.

Be plentiful with the paper. Some people feel as though it is being wasteful, but the fact of the matter is Gentle Giant recycles and reuses paper, depending on the condition of course. Wrap plates together with crumpled paper separating each plate with paper, then place the tightly packed plates VERTICALLY in the box.

After a layer or two of tightly packed plates (separated by another layer of bumpers) go into the box, top it off with safely papered glasses placed vertically side by side. Fold down the flaps, and tape that bad boy up. Next step, repeat the first step.

For a visual representation of what we’ve discussed here, please check out this helpful video!


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