The Best Movers Remove Pesky Stairs From the Equation

Professional Moving Companies like Gentle Giant really mean it when they claim they have seen it all. They have moved every “impossible to move” piece into places that they “will never fit in” under conditions only the most persistent relocation experts could handle.

Sometimes, however, furniture pieces aren’t always the problem. In some of the older houses and apartments we work in, access makes what should be an easy job into an all day and all night grueling endeavor. No matter how hard the movers hustle, the obstacles they face in every small doorway, tight staircase turn, or narrow driveway can add several hours to a job, which in turn gets billed to the customer.

But that’s not right, is it? Heck no! So what do these customers do? Contact Gentle Giant about our Furniture Elevator, also known as the Swift Lift. In the right circumstances we employ this machine to turn a long day of climbing stairs into a quick, efficient move. For an example of this machine in action, please take a look at this funky video!


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