From One Friend to Another: “Go Move Yourself!”

After putting it off as long as possible, I decided to have some serious work done on my car, and I was in a real pickle about what to do. After little deliberation, I settled on calling a friend of mine to come help me fix the car. My buddy tried getting out of it by throwing every excuse he had at me, but he finally caved when I said I’d feed him pizza and get him some beer.

When my buddy arrived at my house, it was about two hours after he said he’d be there, and he was wearing a crisp white shirt and pressed slacks. I asked my buddy, “Hey buddy, what’s with the outfit? Aren’t you afraid you’ll get oil and grease all over yourself?”

“This outfit is super comfortable. I guess I’ll just kind of stand back and help. I will try not to get dirty. Good looking out.”

So there we stood. It took us a while to figure out how to prop the hood open, but once we did, the real trouble began. Did I not mention that my friend and I have no experience fixing cars? However, we have logged countless hours traveling inside cars, so we weren’t worried. Needless to say, the car did not get properly fixed, but we did spend all day getting mad at each other for not knowing what to do. In hindsight, this work could’ve been done quickly. Next time, I’ll have had a mechanic fix it, not my friend.

Although this story is fiction, I’m hoping at some point you thought, “why would this guy ask a friend to help him do something that is best left to a professional?”

Stuck couches are the worst couches.

During the busy rush at the end of this summer, Gentle Giant Moving Company received numerous phone calls from panicked people screaming, “I need to be out of my apartment today, and my friends that were supposed to help me totally bailed on me! Can Gentle Giant come help me?”

Or we got the “Yeah, hi. My friends and I were moving my stuff out, and I’m not sure how, but we have a sleeper sofa jammed through the wall and it’s completely stuck. Nobody else can get around us to move themselves out, and things are getting a little heated here. Can Gentle Giant come help me?”

The point is, there is a reason there are various service professionals. There is a right and wrong way to do things, as well as a safe and unsafe way to do things. Just because your friend has driven a car does not qualify him or her to work on your carburetor. Also, your friend sleeping on your couch all summer does not qualify him to move it down several flights of stairs safely, which is why Gentle Giant is urging everyone to spare their friends and hire real movers.

Give us a call at 1-800-442-6863 and maybe your friends will give you pizza and beer as a thank you for not calling them!

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