Meet the Giants – Braintree Branch Manager Matt McCulley

Gentle Giant Moving Company customers always comment on how naturally their moving crew worked as a team, hustled throughout the job, and displayed a level of enthusiasm not often associated with moving heavy pieces of furniture. They have even said that the crews at Gentle Giant approach each moving job like athletes approach their sport. 

Matt McCulley blasts through a pack of defenders on his way to a local move.

This is no surprise for us to hear at Gentle Giant, seeing as though we have focused our recruiting efforts on hiring athletes for over 30 years. Current Branch Manager Matt McCulley is a great example of an athlete seamlessly transitioning from hustling on the field to hustling on the move.

Matt started his career at Gentle Giant after a couple of his college rugby teammates had started working in GG’s Framingham, MA office, and convinced him to join them. “I’ve always enjoyed physical activity,” Matt explains. “I played many organized sports both growing up and in college, so I was ready to go hard every day at Gentle Giant.”

From the beginning, Matt enjoyed many aspects of life on the trucks at GG, including the people he worked with, and the team environment. “There is also a lot of freedom in my job, and I am in a new place almost every day,” adds Matt.

When asked about his first year, Matt recalls, “It was pretty crazy, but I felt like I fit in well, and quickly moved up into more responsible roles. I was working in the Framingham office, so I didn’t see Somerville (location of Gentle Giant’s extremely busy Headquarters) too often, but I can remember having to do a 4th floor walk-up to a 5th floor walk-up with Moe Harris and Mike Mancini, and being the new guy I was stuck in the middle sprinting up and down the stairs.  I felt like that was my initiation into being a Giant.”

After Matt was offered the Branch Manager position in 2003, he realized Gentle Giant could provide a great career long term. “I enjoy my work (most of the time), and I think that most people can’t say that.  Plus there are so many benefits to working at Gentle Giant besides all the ones directly paid for by the company (Health, Dental, 401k), and you can’t put a price on some of the Scores and tips we get.”

Since becoming a branch manager, Matt has “had a great deal of management training that would help me excel in a management role in any other field I wanted to explore.” Matt is also proud of  the incredible “amount of time and energy Gentle Giant puts into trying to keep all of our employees happy and all the benefits that most moving companies would never dream of providing.”

This commitment to employees has helped the company grow tremendously, because by caring about the employees, they in turn care about the customers. “I always recommend GG, especially to my rugby teammates who are looking for work. In fact, I could list a good amount of guys who I brought to GG that have succeeded and some are in important roles here now.”

When talking about Gentle Giant to friends, one question that always comes up is, “What is the most difficult thing you’ve had to move?” While the answer changes every so often, Matt responds with “There have been many, and this might only be because it was within the past year, but we moved a cast iron tub which weighed nearly 800lbs up a narrow staircase and down a narrow hall into a bathroom renovation.  The tub was so heavy that the people delivering it broke 2 of them before the one we came to move.  We had a carpenter on site build a brace for one end, and we strapped a piano block to one side.  We then strapped a dolly to the piano block.  We had the floors padded and laid Masonite down. We brought the ramp from the truck inside the house and set it up on the stairs.  We had 3 guys pulling on straps to roll it up the ramp, and I pushed from below.  It took us about 2.5 hrs to move it.”

Please note that not every day is sidelined by 800 lbs cast iron tubs. Being on the front line during move day often gives you first dibs on items the customer no longer wants. In moving terms, these are “Scored” items. Thinking about all the great Scores throughout the years always brings a smile to Matt’s face. His favorite? “It’s hard to decide between my 50 inch plasma TV and the $3500 massage chair.”

Outside of Gentle Giant, Matt enjoys playing basketball in two leagues throughout the year, and he still plays rugby occasionally.  “Other than that I am now a family man, so the rest of my time is spent with my wife and daughter in our new house. After many years in Framingham, my wife and I have recently moved to Canton with my daughter and another baby on the way in April 2013.  We also have a big dog named Porter.”


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