The 117th Boston Marathon Tragedy and Gentle Giant Moving Company

This year disaster struck the Finish Line of the 117th Boston Marathon. Gentle Giant, along with thousands of spectators and runners, were down at the Finish Line witnessing the fear, confusion, courage, and heroism that these attacks produced throughout Copley Square.

While Gentle Giant was relieved to learn that our 20+ employees down at the Finish Line were safe, our hearts were breaking for the victims of these senseless attacks.  Gentle Giant has pledged to continue our support of the BAA and the Marathon, and looks forward to proudly returning in 2014 at the Marathon Finish Line.

Gentle Giant Moving Company at the 117th Boston Marathon
Click the image of above to see all the pictures of Gentle Giant Moving Company at the 117th Boston Marathon

Since in the mid-90′s, it has been an annual tradition for Gentle Giant Moving Company to partner with the Boston Athletic Association to assist with the logistics surrounding the Boston Marathon. Of all the wonderful organizations and events Gentle Giant works with, the Marathon holds a special place in our hearts because it is not only a celebration of elite fitness and personal accomplishment, but because it defines the spirit and culture of Boston.

Months before the Marathon every year, the Gentle Giant operations team begins preparing for all of the details involved with the loading and delivery over 250,000 lbs. of Marathon goods and equipment. As Race Day gets closer, dozens of Giants clamor to be put on the Marathon Crews so they can participate in the fun work and festivities surrounding Boston’s world class road race.

Like everyone else affected by this tragedy, Gentle Giant is proud to be Boston Strong!

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