Gentle Giant Moving Company Tasked to Move the Entire Back Bay!

When the Christian Science Center in Boston needed their delicate, 40 year old Back Bay model moved to an architecture firm across town, they called the company with the most experience moving the Back Bay; Gentle Giant Moving Company!

Check out these cool pictures of our experienced, professional movers delicately relocating this beautiful model.

The Best Movers Remove Pesky Stairs From the Equation

Professional Moving Companies like Gentle Giant really mean it when they claim they have seen it all. They have moved every “impossible to move” piece into places that they “will never fit in” under conditions only the most persistent relocation experts could handle.

Sometimes, however, furniture pieces aren’t always the problem. In some of the older houses and apartments we work in, access makes what should be an easy job into an all day and all night grueling endeavor. No matter how hard the movers hustle, the obstacles they face in every small doorway, tight staircase turn, or narrow driveway can add several hours to a job, which in turn gets billed to the customer.

But that’s not right, is it? Heck no! So what do these customers do? Contact Gentle Giant about our Furniture Elevator, also known as the Swift Lift. In the right circumstances we employ this machine to turn a long day of climbing stairs into a quick, efficient move. For an example of this machine in action, please take a look at this funky video!


How New York Movers Gentle Giant Mix it Up

Across all of Gentle Giant Moving Company’s Regional Offices, making relationships with the community, key influencers, and above all our customers, is a huge priority for us. By making and keeping relationships, we have been able to immerse ourselves within the fabric of the communities we service. We are always looking for interesting organizations to partner with, charities to support, and events to participant.

Noah Duarte, Gentle Giant’s New York Manager, has had a lot of success meeting great people to work with by being active in the networking network. Yes, you read that right. These days, networking is a business, and it has its own network. As crazy as that sounds, Noah has navigated his way through this sometimes tricky network to build some strong relationships that have greatly benefited from what Gentle Giant has to offer.

Next week, Noah will be mixing it up with New York’s biggest wigs at the 10th Mega Mixer Business Expo. At this expo, a who’s who of New York’s finest businesses will be networking to discuss potential partners, contractors, and ideas. For Noah, the best part of these events are seeing the look on peoples’ faces when they begin to understand the wide range of services and possibilities Gentle Giant has to offer.

To hear for yourself what Gentle Giant NY has to offer, please give us a call at 1-800-442-6863 or Request an Estimate Online.

How Massachusetts Moving Company Gentle Giant Got to the Top of Boston

Gentle Giant Box Xpress Manager Will Allen blasting up the stairs during last year's Race Up Boston Place

For the last few years, Massachusetts based moving company Gentle Giant has enjoyed the view from the top. Yes, some may consider us to be the top mover, but I meant “top” in a physical measure, as in, we are 42 flights of stairs above the city after competing in the American Lung Association’s “Fight For Air Climb”.

Each year, Gentle Giant puts together a team of Giants that not only love blasting up stairs, but want to contribute to the fight for children with asthma, teens who are pressured to start smoking, people with lung cancer and emphysema, and everyone who wants to breathe healthy air in our communities.

The event is a 42 story race up One Boston Place’s stairwell on February 4th in which individuals, teams, businesses, firefighters, Giants, and everybody else interested in raising money for the American Lung Association. Although it is really not about winning, I am happy to say that our Giants have had the best team score for the past few years, and we hope to replicate this speed on Saturday. If you are around and want to witness a great event, come join us!

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Lorton, VA Moving Company

The Gentle Giants in Lorton, VA know how to get the job done.

When it comes to time start thinking about your next move, there are some serious questions you should be asking the moving companies you are researching. A lot of folks will book their mover based on price alone, and that is a mistake only made once. This leads us to the first question you should ask your potential moving company:

1.) May I contact some of the customers you moved in the past few months? By talking to actual customers, you can become privvy to things you hadn’t thought about, like being charged for drive time, insurance charges, and being asked for a gratuity (believe it or not, some moving companies will intimidate customers into tipping. This of course is unheard of at Gentle Giant)

2.) How do you handle claims if something is broken? Even the best movers occasionally break items, but what separates a great moving company from just good ones is how claims are handled after the move is completed.

3.) What kind of hiring/screening process does your company have? Keep in mind that when you open your doors to mover, you are essentially trusting strangers around your family and belongings. Legit moving company’s will be proud to talk about the great people they hire, and this will make you feel better too.

Bonus Question: Can you give me the number for Gentle Giant Moving Company in Lorton, VA? Of course. It’s 1-800-442-6863.

A Word About Yelp! and Online Reviews From Gentle Giant

Over the past 30 years, Gentle Giant Moving Company has grown from one small truck in Somerville to 18 offices across 9 states, and one of the biggest reasons for this growth has been positive word of mouth; about 80% of our business has been from referrals and repeat customers.

These days, with the help of the internet and review sites such as Yelp, Google, and CitySearch, word of mouth has become more powerful than ever. In most cases, our extremely satisfied customers post positive reviews about the wonderful experience they had with Gentle Giant (including all the curiously removed positive “Filtered” reviews on Yelp). In other rare, unfortunate cases, customers will go straight to the internet to air a grievance, even if it is about something that could be easily resolved.

While taking to the internet to vent about a less than fantastic experience is becoming more common, it does not enable consumers and businesses to solve problems.  At Gentle Giant if something goes awry with any aspect of a customer’s experience with Gentle Giant despite our best effort, we have always prided ourselves on doing everything it takes to correct the situation.  When negative reviews do appear, we make it a priority to correct anything that the review writer feels was unsatisfying.  We try always to project openness to feedback and a desire to earn people’s trust.

The next time you are reading a company’s online reviews, check to see if the company responded, attempting to fix any reported issues. This is one thing I hound our customer service people about. It would devastate me if a customer called to discuss a negative experience and we didn’t respond, and the same applies to online posts. We want to be your moving company, for life. Hard work, trust, and communication will make that possible.

Thank you, and we look forward to moving you.

Larry O’Toole

Why Being a Realtor Recommended Moving Company in New York is so Important

Gentle Giant Moving Company’s New York Regional Manager Noah Duarte can speak at length about the importance of being a reputable realtor’s moving company of choice.

“A good realtor does so much more than show homes to people,” Noah explained while running a job recently. “They are a trusted resource their clients rely on for valuable tips, recommendations, and information. A good realtor would never recommend a company he or she didn’t actually believe in themselves.”

Commercial jobs, Residential Jobs; Gentle Giant does it all

Noah, as well as Gentle Giant’s other regional managers, have been working over the past few years to strengthen their relationships with realtors as a means to give them as much insight into the moving industry as possible.

“When I talk to realtors, they tell me most of their clients fear the actual move over any other part of the process. So if I can provide them with the knowledge I have gained through the years on the trucks, I’m giving them information and an edge over realtors.”

So, before your next move, be sure to ask your realtor who the best moving company around is. I could ruin the surprise and tell you it’s Gentle Giant, but I’ll let you find out for yourself :-)

Wellness Day at Gentle Giant

On May 27th, Gentle Giant hosted a Wellness Day for all employees to enjoy and take advantage.

This is another Wellness initiative we have undertaken to keep all of our employees health conscious and feeling great.

There were nurses on hand to check everyone’s levels and offer health related advice. We also had the Speed Stairs Challenge set up to encourage everybody to push themselves to get the best possible time and compete with all of their co-workers.

All of the Giants got caught up in the spirit of the day because competition and health is at the core of the GG culture. It is something we look for when hiring, and it has been a virtue that has been with the company since its inception.

It was a terrific day, and I encourage you to take a look at the video from our Wellness Day:

Gentle Giants Love the Summertime!

These Giants make this 4,000 lbs. piece seem lightweight. Amazing!

Do you know what the only thing better than moving furniture is? That’s right, moving furniture in the summertime!

Ask any of the Giants on the trucks, and they will tell you that summertime is the best time to move. The Giants are athletes and working their tales off all day while pushing them to limits they didn’t think possible is what they signed up for at Gentle Giant. This, combined with the weather being beautiful, people being out and about, and having plenty of furniture in need of relocation is what makes summertime so great. Oh, and all of the summertime Giants come back to help on the trucks.

When I say summertime Giants, I am referring to the college students, teachers, international guys on the H2B Visa, and everybody else that comes back year after year during our busiest months from May to September. Gentle Giant has been incredibly fortunate to not only consistently bring in new, talented help every year, but we pride ourselves on retaining these Giants throughout the years.

Gentle Giant invests so much in training these employees and keeping them happy, that having them come back summer after summer is a key component to the development of their leadership skills. We count on our returning Giants to take what they’ve learned about moving and the culture at Gentle Giant to pass it on to the new summer help. This is a key component to keeping Gentle Giant the type of place we have cultivated over the past three decades.

I am so happy to have everybody back, as well as welcoming the new Giants to our family. Grab a GG tank top and show off your guns while you embark on another truly exceptional summer at Gentle Giant. Interview about Feedback

Today on there was a Q&A published in which I discussed the critically important art of giving and receiving feedback with editor Leigh Buchanan. Check out the article here!

At Gentle Giant Moving Company, our success and often our very survival relies on people’s ability to give and receive feedback. It is a skill that we invest a considerable amount of time and money to develop within our workforce. Without this skill, we would not be able to understand what our customers need and want from us or be able to communicate with one another about how to do a better job.

As giving and receiving feedback is a skill, one can never been perfect at it, so feel free to let me know if you have any feedback on how I did with this interview!