Gentle Giant Moving Company and Their Intense Warehouse Gym

At Gentle Giant Moving Company, health and fitness is a top priority, which is why the industry leader has dedicated space in their warehouse to build a full gym for Operations and Office staff.

Employees of the Boston moving company can work out with professional trainer John Zimmer to perfect form, increase strength, and maximize endurance, which is one way Gentle Giant decreases the chance of workplace injuries and promotes healthy living on and off the job.

This fun video gives you a peak inside Gentle Giant’s training center and how this incredible gym came to be at Gentle Giant Headquarters in Boston. Enjoy!


Meet the Giants – New York Regional Manager Josh Charry

Gentle Giant Moving Company

Gentle Giant Moving Company - New York Manager Josh Charry in his Brooklyn Warehouse

When New York moving company Gentle Giant began expanding outside of Westchester County and more into the 5 Boroughs, the company knew they needed to put an individual in charge who was not only an expert mover, crew chief, and leader, but also an individual that knew every neighborhood in New York. While there were several excellent candidates vying for this position, Bronx born Master Crew Chief Josh Charry was the perfect choice given his New York upbringing and several years moving within Gentle Giant’s Westchester County office.

Back in 2008, Charry started his career at Gentle Giant in the company’s Somerville, MA headquarters after seeing a job post seeking athletes looking for fun, challenging work. Charry’s extensive athletic background, which included football, soccer, lacrosse, and college baseball at Quinnipiac University qualified him for the demanding work Gentle Giant expects from our entire Operations team.

Before long, Josh was taking on more responsibility in the company, becoming one of the company’s top Crew Chiefs and leaders. Customers and crews alike loved Josh’s positive attitude, hustle, and attention to detail. During this time in late 2009, Gentle Giant’s New York branch was expanding rapidly and was in need of top Crew Chiefs to run jobs, train new Giants, and continue growing the business. Josh saw this is an opportunity to really make an impact on Gentle Giant and his career, and jumped at the chance to fill this need.

Today, Josh is managing Gentle Giant New York, which has locations in Westchester County, Long Island City, and Brooklyn. This position has Josh in charge of almost every part of the New York moving company which includes hiring, training, and running jobs.

Josh claims that GG New York’s key to success starts at the hiring process. He has an eye for talent, but the nature of moving can quickly weed out the individuals not cut out for the job. Josh’s management and hiring philosophy is resonant of George S Patton himself: “Pressure creates two things; dust and diamonds. At Gentle Giant we sweep away the dust and keep the diamonds.”

To book your move with Josh and his fellow Giants, visit Gentle Giant’s website today!

History Lesson: Allston Piano Movers

Long before Allston Piano Movers paired up with Gentle Giant Moving Company in 2010, owner Bobby Franklin and his highly trained crews were gaining a reputation for being a fast, friendly, and reliable piano moving service provider throughout New England.

This video slideshow demonstrates the experience, teamwork, and strength it takes to execute a flawless piano move.


The 117th Boston Marathon Tragedy and Gentle Giant Moving Company

This year disaster struck the Finish Line of the 117th Boston Marathon. Gentle Giant, along with thousands of spectators and runners, were down at the Finish Line witnessing the fear, confusion, courage, and heroism that these attacks produced throughout Copley Square.

While Gentle Giant was relieved to learn that our 20+ employees down at the Finish Line were safe, our hearts were breaking for the victims of these senseless attacks.  Gentle Giant has pledged to continue our support of the BAA and the Marathon, and looks forward to proudly returning in 2014 at the Marathon Finish Line.

Gentle Giant Moving Company at the 117th Boston Marathon
Click the image of above to see all the pictures of Gentle Giant Moving Company at the 117th Boston Marathon

Since in the mid-90′s, it has been an annual tradition for Gentle Giant Moving Company to partner with the Boston Athletic Association to assist with the logistics surrounding the Boston Marathon. Of all the wonderful organizations and events Gentle Giant works with, the Marathon holds a special place in our hearts because it is not only a celebration of elite fitness and personal accomplishment, but because it defines the spirit and culture of Boston.

Months before the Marathon every year, the Gentle Giant operations team begins preparing for all of the details involved with the loading and delivery over 250,000 lbs. of Marathon goods and equipment. As Race Day gets closer, dozens of Giants clamor to be put on the Marathon Crews so they can participate in the fun work and festivities surrounding Boston’s world class road race.

Like everyone else affected by this tragedy, Gentle Giant is proud to be Boston Strong!

Training a Key to Success at Gentle Giant Moving Company

These Giants-in-Training pose after running the entire Harvard Stadium!

This week, four Giants from three different Gentle Giant Moving Company Regional Offices across the country are in our Somerville Headquarters to participate in a two week training workshop.  The goal of this workshop will be to help accelerate the development of technical skills, as well as the communication skills that consistently support Gentle Giant’s goal to interact with customers on a personal level, which will in turn lead to more referrals and repeat business. The idea is that if our employees are enjoying the move, the customers will also enjoy the move. Furthermore, the better the moving experience a customer has, the better chance they remember Gentle Giant next time around.

The participating employees, Mihia Muresan (Washington DC Office), Jean-Marc Tahi (Washington DC Office), Mike Rivers (New York Office), and Toua Chang (Seattle Office), will also be held accountable for taking the knowledge learned back to their respective offices to share it with their fellow employees. It is imperative to our company culture that we are able to provide our customers with a high quality product, which means developing great crew chiefs. This development starts immediately after being hired.

We welcome our fellow Giants to headquarters for this workshop that will help with their development as we move forward to achieving our 10-20 year vision. Click here for more information on what it takes to be a Giant.

To Grow their DC Moving Company, Gentle Giant Recruits Athletes

gentle giant moving company recruiting rowers

Gentle Giant DC recruits rowers within the Thompson Boat Center in Washington DC

On a recent trip to the Thompson Boat Center in Washington DC, Gentle Giant Moving Company Managers and Recruiters Craig Averett, Kieffer Karim, Andrew Rozzi, and Will Allen set out to recruit athletes from two elite rowing programs, Georgetown and GW University, to work at our DC/VA area offices and other offices across the country.

Despite Gentle Giant DC growing significantly over the past few years, the biggest limit to our success in this region is our manpower. The solution is simple though. By hiring more strong, quality people, we’ll be able to book more of the leads that are coming into us, generating more revenue.

On Thursday, March 7th, GG’s DC recruiting team met with the crew teams at the Thompson Boat Center around 8:00 AM. Most of the crews were already out on the water at this point. They met up with friend and Georgetown Varsity Women’s coach Miranda Paris, who was about to head out to practice with her team. The Men’s Novice coach, Mike Guerierri, had directed us to set up on the table located between the Georgetown and GW boat bays, a perfect location to meet with both crews.

In an effort to attract interest to our table, Gentle Giant brought a bunch of food and drinks, the first thing these athletes think about when they’ve finished practice. We also brought a bunch of GG shirts to give to anyone who left their name and email address as being interested in getting more information about working for Gentle Giant Moving Company over the summer.

One by one, each crew finished their practices and put their boats away. A little curious but tentative about approaching the table, GG decided to approach the rowers instead. We told them who we were, why we were there, and offered them some food. The offer of food after burning 1000+ calories was all it took. After making their presence known, Craig, Kieffer, Andrew and Will spoke with individuals and small groups from each team, men and women. Some came just for the food, other were curious about our Washington DC Moving Company, and a solid group of people seemed genuinely interested.

As each group came in, Will Allen introduced himself to each head coach. They all knew we were coming, but to formally build that relationship was key. The way Will sees it, if the coaches see the kind of company we are, they may be more apt to tell their athletes about the opportunity to work at Gentle Giant Moving Company. As a rower himself, Will knew how to talk the talk.

Over the course of about 3 hours, we saw over 100 athletes and collected around 70 names with emails from people who were at least curious, if not interested or very interested. We are excited to report that a handful of people submit applications online, even before we have followed up with the people who left their email addresses!

Click this link for more information about Job Opportunities at Gentle Giant!

Moving On; The Gentle Giant Alumni Bios – Jake Sweeney and Adam Benezra

Of all the incredible things Giants accomplish once they move on from the moving industry, Jake Sweeney and Adam Benezra’s quest to help people successfully quit tobacco with their business, Jake’s Mint Chew, is one of the most impressive and successful of all.

Jake Sweeney (L) and Adam Benezra (R) at a Gentle Giant holiday party.

Today, Jake and Adam are hard at work constantly improving their mint chew business, but they have come a long way since their days working on the trucks at Gentle Giant.

Their story starts when Adam was working at a rival moving company in Boston during the early 90′s. After a short period on their trucks, he realized he was surrounded by ex-convicts and other untrustworthy people, which made him think, “there has got to be a better moving company in Boston with better people.”

A friend told Adam about Gentle Giant, which during that period in the early 90′s was really hitting its stride within Massachusetts because of the focus on hiring honest, hardworking college athletes looking for a challenging but rewarding work. Not long after Adam started at GG in the Spring of 1994, he met Jake, who had started working at Gentle Giant a year before under Bobby Lane, focusing on complicated international moves. Oddly enough, the two attended UMass Amherst at the same time, but didn’t know each other because Jake was busy studying at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture while Adam was busy studying finance and the mating habits of inebriated coeds.

Working together on a few moving jobs around Boston formed Jake and Adam’s friendship, but it wasn’t until they took a road trip down to New Orleans with Eddie Crean, a Giant enjoying his first summer over from Ireland, that their relationship really strengthened.

They remained close even after they left Gentle Giant to start their own businesses. Jake followed in the family greenhouse business and before long was the go to wholesaler of greenhouse products on the North Shore. By 2009, Jake oversaw several greenhouses, including a 10,000 sq ft flagship greenhouse in Beverly. However, tragedy struck in the winter of 2009/10 when an ice storm took out this main greenhouse, which put a nail in the coffin of a business already hit hard by the financial woes the country was suffering from during that time.

Jake's Mint Chew

Down, but not out, Jake decided to depart from the greenhouse business and focus on a venture he had begun thinking about, Jake’s Mint Chew, which was a mint snuff designed to help people addicted to harmful tobacco snuff.

Given his background with the greenhouse, Jake was comfortable focusing on customer service, phone orders, making new flavors, and hiring, but he understood that he needed help with other areas. Realizing this, he called on Adam, his old friend from Gentle Giant, to help him with the website, shipping, payroll, and other financial responsibilities.

The partners recall their first “business meeting” back in 2009 at a local Beverly bar called Fibber McGee’s in which Jake carefully laid out the plan for his mint chew business. Adam instantly saw the product’s potential as a healthy, safe option for people looking to kick their tobacco addiction.

Because the pair had worked together so well during their time at Gentle Giant, they already knew how to motivate and compliment each other on the job. Now embarking on their third year working together at Jake’s Mint Chew, the company has grown exponentially, and expect even further growth now that they are USDA Organic Certified and showing up in more and more Major League Baseball clubhouses.

Jake and Adam look back very fondly at their time moving at Gentle Giant, and still keep in touch with all of the great people they worked with during the early and mid 90′s, some of whom have made a career at GG.

For more information on Jake’s Mint Chew, visit their website at and tell them that Gentle Giant sent you!

Gentle Giant Moving Company Tasked to Move the Entire Back Bay!

When the Christian Science Center in Boston needed their delicate, 40 year old Back Bay model moved to an architecture firm across town, they called the company with the most experience moving the Back Bay; Gentle Giant Moving Company!

Check out these cool pictures of our experienced, professional movers delicately relocating this beautiful model.

Having a Co-Chief on the Job Ensures Every Move Goes Smoothly

By the middle of winter it becomes apparent to everyone at Gentle Giant just how seasonal the moving business can be.  But during these slower times we remember that we’re always building a stronger company.  We often compare this seasonal cycle to the flight of a commercial jet liner.  During the summer we’re in flight at 30,000 ft. and strictly focused on getting jobs done well.  During the winter the plane is on the ground in the hangar, and it’s time to perform the necessary maintenance before the next busy season.

The Giants with another happy customer

This winter, Gentle Giant’s Training Department has worked hard developing a new role that will greatly improve our customer service and operational capacities for the busy summer and beyond.  The new role we’re introducing is called the “Co-Chief.”  The purpose of this role is to be a second in command to the Crew Chief; but even more importantly to support the Crew Chief on successfully executing every important detail that our customers have come to expect.

As a company and service provider, Gentle Giant has always prided itself on delivering the greatest possible moving experience for our customers, guaranteed.  To deliver on this promise, we have always challenged ourselves to grow the types and levels of service that we offer.  In this new age of moving services we are able to provide everything from storage to furniture restoration.  While our skilled Crew Chiefs are focused on making every customer “a customer for life,” and ensuring every job runs smoothly from beginning to end, it’s important for them to know that someone else on their team can share accountability for some of the details and support them in their roll.

The Co-Chief will also be key in making sure our crews hit all the important “Brand Essentials” during the job, including discussing Gentle Giant Restoration, preparing and giving out the Comment Card, and writing the Thank You card.  We are looking forward to beginning this new program because we are confident that this will help develop stronger Crew Chiefs, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and improve our company, top to bottom.

Moving On; The Gentle Giant Alumni Bios – Blake Evitt

Growing up in Somerville, Blake Evitt was familiar with Gentle Giant Moving Company’s famous purple trucks long before he ever picked up his first sleeper sofa on the job.  It wasn’t until he was home from Davidson College in North Carolina during Christmas break his sophomore year that he applied to start working at the Giant.  “I thought that it would be a good way to stay fit for the upcoming cross-country season,” Evitt explains, “As well as a way to supplement my summer training.”

Evitt was initially intrigued by the fact that Gentle Giant was very different from the typical 9-5 jobs that most of his fellow classmates were applying for.  “The idea of running stairs all day, seeing beautiful houses around the city, and being part of a company with a great vibe around it was very appealing to me,” Blake recalls. “The pay was also pretty good and the possibility to earn lots of overtime and tips was a big incentive as a student.”

Before long, Blake was immersed in Gentle Giant’s company culture and enjoying the camaraderie that developed with his colleagues on the trucks.  Working in a different place every day was also its own perk. “I got to know Boston in a way that I never expected,” Blake says. “It still feels really good when I walk down the street and spot a house that I helped to move.  It was also really cool to see how other people lived and to help them transition to new living arrangements as smoothly as possible.”

On the job, Gentle Giant expects a lot from employees both mentally and physically, so having an athletic background can really help assimilate new hires to the demanding daily activities moving entails. Blake was no exception, for he was a lifelong runner and even ran Division I cross-country and track (800m, 1500m, 3k steeplechase) throughout his four years at Davidson.  While this prepared Blake, he recalls that his first summer “was long, hard, and hot, but also a lot of fun.  I got a lot of hours, made a lot of tips, and really enjoyed the work GG provided. At first, I did feel like the ‘runt’ of the company, because as a distance runner I was definitely one of the smaller guys on the trucks.  By the end of the summer I was a lot more confident with the larger pieces though. I was also about 15 lbs heavier, much to the chagrin of my cross country coach!”

When asked about the toughest piece he ever moved, Blake cites a big oak cabinet in a Boston walk-up that he and his crew had to wrangle down a really tight set of staircases and hallways that “will remain seared into my memory.”  Blake adds that the crew “tried so many manipulations of that thing before we finally got it down that I was really tempted to just leave it stuck upside down halfway through! Luckily, the crew chief kept going and we eventually got it down without leaving a single mark on the walls!”

Blake parkoured his way through Thailand during a recent trip.

As a former Giant, Blake often calls on the practical skills he learned on the trucks. “I learned a ton about packing things that I use all the time now; cars, trucks, closets, boxes, storage rooms.” Additionally, Blake learned a lot of valuable life lessons too, including one that propelled him into his new career. “Don’t be afraid to make the jump into the unknown.  A lot of times you want to wait until the situation is perfect before you commit and that rarely happens.  Things end up working out, usually in ways that you didn’t expect or know about when you ‘jumped’, so you really need to just go for it.”

This makes sense coming from someone helping to lead the launch of Parkour Generations Americas, a subsidiary company of Parkour Generations (based in London) that teaches parkour around the world. For those unfamiliar, parkour is the sport of moving along a route, typically in a city, trying to get around or through various obstacles in the quickest, most efficient manner possible, as by jumping, climbing, or running. “I’m heading up our operations on the East Coast and basing things out of my hometown- right here in Somerville.  Our goal is to eventually offer top-quality parkour instruction and performances throughout North and South America and to help spread the practice and values of the sport.”

Whether it’s for parkour, pleasure, family, pure curiosity, or any combination of those things, Blake travels extensively.  “I love going new places and exploring new cultures.  I’ve been blogging about my parkour adventures for the past 2+ years, but when I’m not bouncing around the globe or off buildings I really enjoy reading, watching films, playing any number of sports, and eating new foods.”

Blake was born and bred in Somerville, but has “been bouncing around the world for the past few years.  He returned home in September ’12 to help lead the launch of Parkour Generations Americas and is “pretty happy to be back in my home turf.”

Are you interested in learning how to parkour safely and effectively? Blake and Parkour Generations Americas are offering classes and workshops. Visit their website here: