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From the earliest days of Gentle Giant Moving Company we have depended on the athleticism and fitness of our movers to deliver the highest level of service to our customers. The core of our athletic values began with our President Larry O'Toole, and the other Giants that helped him start this company. When Larry started moving furniture for a living, he found that he was relying on his fitness and experience as a varsity rower in college to get his customers movedRace Up Boston Place fast and efficiently. It was being a member of the crew team in college that gave Larry his strong sense of camaraderie, teamwork, and an appreciation for the rewards achieved by hard, honest work. Many of Larry's first employees were also rowers from his college days who saw the opportunity to deliver moving services that were unmatched in the Boston area. It was this motley crew of rowers turned movers who first impressed our customers by running up and down the stairs of five story brownstones in Boston's Back Bay.

Some of the athletic events and endeavors that we support:

From our humble beginnings Gentle Giant has grown to become a leader in the moving industry due largely to the strength and ability of the movers we hire. In 2011 we have more than 200 full time movers with a wide variety of backgrounds. Over the years we've been proud to employ everyone from Olympic rowers to amateur fencers. The common bond we all share is a respect for fitness, hard work, and the challenges we face every day on the job moving our customer's belongings from one place to the next.