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Harvard Stadium

Everyone at Gentle Giant takes special pride in making the hardest work look effortless. We can do this because we always hire the most capable and fit candidates possible. For many years our new hires have been proving themselves on the steps of Harvard Stadium. A rite of passage at Gentle Giant, running the steps at Harvard stadium is the ultimate test of fitness and determination, and a great way to help us vet our newest employees.

Larry at the stadium

Finishing all 37 sections of the stadium in less than 30 minutes is a respectable benchmark with some of the fastest giants even completing it under 20 minutes. In his sixties now, President and CEO of Gentle Giant, Larry O'Toole, still takes new hires over to the stadium in the morning. Larry likes to mix it up with the best of them and is always challenging our employees to push for a faster time.  


Check out this fun video of the Giants taking it to
the stairs at Harvard Stadium: