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Chris Fernandes , Dispatcher 

Chris Fernandes

Chris grew up in the Boston area and played football for Malden High School. After being discharged from the army, where he was a medical supply specialist based at the Hanscom Air Force Base in Lexington, MA, he saw an ad in the newspaper for Gentle Giant Moving Company. Chris decided to give moving a try and has now been with the company more than 15 years.

Rising through the ranks "on the trucks" from mover to crew chief to dispatcher, Chris manages the day to day activities hundreds of movers (a peak day can top out at 250 Giants out on jobs). Chris admits that he never thought that he would stay at the company this long, but says that the guys and the fun atmosphere they create, the opportunity for advancement within the organization, the easy access to management, and the opportunity to be himself are too good to leave.

When not at work, Chris particularly enjoys spending time with his kids - he has his firstborn child's initials and birth date tattooed on his left arm. He also enjoys lifting weights and has been told that he has a nice singing voice - but has yet to let us hear it!