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Noah Duarte , Regional Manager, Tarrytown, NY


Noah DuarteNoah grew up in the foothills of Maine, but lives now with his wife, Carson, in Ossining, NY. Having previously managed our Beverly, MA office, Noah has been managing our Tarrytown, NY Gentle Giant Moving Company office since 2007.

Noah has been with Gentle Giant for over 10 years - with a brief two year departure spent working and traveling out west. During that time, he's been on plenty of fun moves and even the occasional odd move.

One of his more humorous experiences was working for a customer with two young daughters who idolized Noah during the move. The customer wrote to Noah afterwards to let him know that the girls had taken to playing a game in which they were pretend movers. Apparently, fights regularly broke out over which one "got to play Noah."

In his free time Noah likes to train for ultra-marathons and participate in other endurance sports like cross country skiing. Noah is very detail-oriented by nature, and has always been motivated by his passion for the little things in life.