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Moving Company Careers

At Gentle Giant Moving Company we look for professional, passionate, skilled candidates who will fully commit to our mission of delivering the best moving services. If you have been thinking about a moving company career and meet the qualifications below, you owe it to yourself to apply at Gentle Giant.

We are always in the process of accepting and reviewing applications for movers at all our locations for full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal positions.

Job Openings

Job Title Location Category
Mover 8 locations in Massachusetts Operations
Mover Lorton, VA Operations
Mover San Francisco, CA Operations
Mover Seattle, WA Operations
Mover Washington, DC Operations

Moving Company Careers

Being a "Giant" is an ideal job for those with a high degree of physical fitness and a desire to provide exceptional customer service. Moving experience is not necessary, however, we are looking for individuals that have strength, above average stamina, and a legitimate liking of hard physical labor. Learn more about the role by reading our Career Opportunities FAQs.


"From the beginning, we prioritized taking care of our employees. If you don't put your employees first, they won't put the customer first. It's that simple."

- Larry O'Toole, CEO