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Ryan Libby, Branch Manager, Providence, RI

Ryan Libby

Ryan started at Gentle Giant the way many Giants a summer job to earn extra money. Instead, he found an unexpected career path. While majoring in Communications at Bryant University, he developed a profound interest in interpersonal relationships and group dynamics. He enjoyed working with the student body at the Bryant Writing Center and excelled in all of his Communication courses.

Like many Giants, sports and fitness has always been a huge part of Ryan's life. From his earliest memories of watching the Celtics with his father in Maine, to playing basketball through school, to regular weight training, competitive sports and a fit lifestyle has continually been a top priority and great way to connect with people.


After a few years with Gentle Giant, Ryan began to crew chief. He found he was able to combine his love for fitness and group dynamics as a chief and pushed for more time on the trucks with the Giants. A natural leader, Ryan loved both the challenges and responsibilities of working with a different crew each day while dealing directly with the customers, making sure their nerves were eased.


More recently, Ryan became Branch Manager in Providence and he is inspired by his team every day. They respect one another, work hard together and have formed lasting friendships that prove the test of challenging, long hours on the trucks. He loves the camaraderie, and while the workload at Gentle Giant can be extreme, the teamwork it takes to get any job done drives Ryan both mentally and physically.

During his 'off' time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Courtney, his dog Millie and the rest of his family along the coast of Maine and new home in Southern New England.