Craning & Specialty Moving

Craning & Specialty Moving Solutions

At Gentle Giant Moving Company, we redefine the moving experience by offering an extensive range of services tailored to your unique needs. From craning and custom crating to piano moving and more, we are committed to providing exceptional care and professionalism throughout your entire move.

Craning Services

When conventional methods fall short, our craning services come to the rescue. Whether it’s a heavy sleeper sofa on the third floor, a cherished piano, or an oversized armoire destined for the top floor, our skilled teams are equipped with state-of-the-art craning equipment to handle even the most challenging moving scenarios. From complex rigging jobs to moving single pieces of furniture, we’ve got the expertise to make your move seamless.

Piano Moving Experts

Trusted piano movers since 1980, Gentle Giant Moving Company boasts experienced crews specially trained in piano moving. Be it grand pianos or uprights, we tackle the most intricate piano moves, often requiring craning and rigging. Alongside piano moving, we offer climate-controlled piano storage to ensure the safety of your prized instruments.

Assembly and Disassembly

For large and intricate items such as pool tables, gym equipment, custom cabinetry, and beyond, our team of professionals, led by a master carpenter, handles meticulous disassembly and reassembly. We understand the importance of ensuring your items are moved and reconstructed flawlessly in your new home.

Custom Crating for Fragile Items

Your most valuable and fragile possessions deserve the utmost care. Our custom crating services are tailored to fit almost anything, from flat-screen televisions to marble tabletops and delicate artwork. Our in-house workshop meticulously assembles every crate to precise measurements, delivering peace of mind for your most treasured belongings.

Additional Specialized Services

Gym Equipment Assembly and Disassembly: From assembling and disassembling gym equipment to treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, cable weight machines, and Pilates machines, we have the expertise to handle your fitness equipment with care.

Artwork, Mirrors, and Flat Screen TV Mount Installation: Trust our experts to handle the installation of your valuable artwork, mirrors, and flat-screen TV mounts with precision and professionalism.

Wall Unit Installation: Our team specializes in the installation of wall units, ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing setup in your new space.

Murphy Bed Assembly: Relax knowing our professionals will expertly assemble your Murphy bed for a space-saving and functional sleeping solution.

Flat Pack Furniture (IKEA): Leave the hassle of assembling flat-pack furniture to us. Our skilled team ensures every piece is put together correctly.

Backyard Ice Rinks and Batting Cage Assembly: We don’t just move indoor items. Count on us for assembling outdoor features like backyard ice rinks and batting cages.

Arcade and Pinball Machine Handling: Whether it’s for a personal collection or commercial use, our team ensures the safe handling and transportation of arcade and pinball machines.

Choose Gentle Giant Moving Company for a comprehensive suite of moving and specialty services. Contact us today to discuss your unique moving requirements, and let us make your move a stress-free and all-encompassing experience.