Why Choose Gentle Giant?

Gentle Giant was founded in 1980 with the goal of establishing a company of unique quality and service. Over the years we have established a reputation for service that is second to none. We maintain a commitment to hire the very best and provide exceptional service in terms of care, efficiency, and courtesy. We draw heavily upon our resources within national rowing communities and other athletic disciplines. These resources have enabled us to assemble a professional work force, whose renowned size and strength are complemented by our GIANT standards of skill, intellect, and integrity.

Our people are outstanding, intelligent, and highly trained. We treat our employees with respect and compassion and expect that they will extend the same courtesy to our customers. Working in teams, our people are encouraged to communicate fully with customers and to make on-the-job decisions that result in success and exceed our customers’ expectations. We encourage employee growth and development, and maintain the highest level of concern for the health, welfare, and safety of all who represent Gentle Giant. And we’re not just talk. Several of Gentle Giant’s nationwide branches have been recognized as a Healthiest Employer by the Healthiest Employers awards program. Learn all about our numerous workplace environment awards here!

Our values begin with fair, open and ethical behavior. We appreciate the trust that is placed in our hands every day, with each job and item we handle. We always put our customers’ interests first, and make dependability our hallmark. Every customer’s needs demand the most efficient, prompt, and energetic effort. Applying the best equipment and technology available, we strive tirelessly to better our own unmatched levels of performance. We never take our reputation for granted.

Our passion is simple; we love what we do. We know the difference we can make for our customers, particularly in taking the anxiety out of moving. We take immeasurable pride in always achieving peak performance. We choose enthusiasm over any other attitude.

Our goal is to make every customer a customer for life!

The Giant H.E.A.R.T.

The Giant H.E.A.R.T. is the foundation of our business and how we model our behaviors and practices.


Honesty is at the foundation of how we succeed at what we do. It is conveyed in language that is clear, accurate, and truthful. It is revealed in our character and integrity, our reliability and trustworthiness. It is demonstrated in how seriously we take our responsibilities. 


Enthusiasm is the spark that ignites our energy for each work day. It is portrayed in the engaging smiles, entertaining tones, and the eager steps of every Giant. It is found in our attitude of optimism and excitement for what we do. It is shown in our understanding and appreciation of the value of a fine sense of humor. Our passion is simple: we love what we do. The nationwide development of a consistent Gentle Giant culture and brand.


Above & Beyond is the distance we will go to exceed the expectations of our customers. We take pride in our resourcefulness and imagination in finding solutions. We are creative, intelligent, and resilient. We are energized by the unexpected.


Respect is the bond that will be given to you as well as what will be asked of you. We anticipate that you will discover an environment that is polite, considerate and civil. We invite you to experience our culture of tolerance and appreciation for the wide diversity of peoples that you will work with and work for. We challenge you to take ownership of our reputation and make it your own.


Teamwork is the frame that supports us. It can be observed in the thoughtful concern we share for others. It is confirmed every day in the cooperation we offer to each other. It is proven in our responsiveness to one another in times of need and crisis. We know the power of working together.