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Notable Gentle Giant Athletes

Founded by former collegiate rower, Larry O’Toole, Gentle Giant has always relied on athletes from diverse backgrounds to fill our ranks.  Since its inception, Gentle Giant has found that current and former athletes make the best movers.  These individuals possess the strength, stamina, and attitude that it takes to turn a challenging job into something rewarding; and because of that our customers reap all the benefit.

Some Gentle Giant athletes have accomplished incredible success in the arena of competition.  We are proud to have employed everyone from professional football players to Olympic gold medalists.  Below is a list of some of the most notable.

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Tom Kiefer                                        RowingUSA M4+, 1984 OlympicsSilver Medal
Tom Darling                                     RowingUSA M8+, 1984 OlympicsSilver Medal
Doug Burden                                     RowingUSA M4+, 1986 World ChampionshipsBronze Medal
Vladimir Banjanac                      RowingYugoslavia M4+, 1988 Olympics
Mike Porterfield                             RowingUSA M4-, 1991 World ChampionshipsSilver Medal
John Moore                                       RowingUSA M2+, 1991 & 1993 World Championships
Jeff McLaughlin                                RowingUSA M4-, 1992 OlympicsSilver Medal
Ed Bell                                                  RowingUSA M4x, 1993 World Championships
Jon Brown                                           RowingUSA M8+, 1994 World ChampionshipsGold Medal
Dave Lefebvre                                  RowingUSA M2+, 1996 World Championships
Jamie Koven                                      RowingUSA M1x, 1997 World ChampionshipsGold Medal
Dave Sanderson                              RowingUSA LM4x, 1999 World Championships
Matt KalapinskiFootballNFL Miami Dolphins Fullback 
Elena Menegakis                             RowingUSA W4-, 2001-2002 World Championships
Ian CovenyRowingUSA 2000-2001 World Championships
Judah RomeRowingUSA LM4x, 2003 Pan-Am GamesBronze Medal
Wade Winkler                                 HockeyEuropean Professional Hockey, 2003-2007
Wyatt Allen                                       RowingUSA M8+, 2004 OlympicsGold Medal
Chris Jarvis                                         RowingCanadian M2-, 2004 Olympics
Sean Wolf                                           RowingUSA LM2-, 2001; LM4x, 2005
Diamond FerriFootballNFL and CFL Defensive Back (Giants, Falcons, Cardinals)
Pat Godfrey                                       RowingUSA M2+, 2006 & 2007 World Championships
Shane O’MaraRowingUSA M4x, 2005 & 2006 World Championships
Dan Walsh                                          RowingUSA M8+, 2008 OlympicsBronze Medal
Jeff Forrester                                    RowingUSA LM8+, 2007 World Championships
Matt Muffelman                              RowingUSA LM8+, 2008 World ChampionshipsGold Medal
Matt Cooney                                     BaseballBoston Red Sox Single A Catcher, 2008-2009
Hilary Saeger                                     RowingUSA LW4x, 2009, 2011, 2013 World ChampionshipsSilver Medal
Monty Mack                                      BasketballEuropean Professional Basketball, 2001-2011
Will Miller                                          RowingUSA M8+, 2012 Olympics
Andrew Hashway                           RowingUSA LM8+, 2012 World Championships
Katy Augustyn                                   RugbyUSA 2014 & 2017 World Cup teams
Ceslovas KucinskasBasketballBritish Professional Basketball League
Sabi VargaBalletBoston Ballet – Soloist
Dominique PowellBasketball WABA Cyclones