Tips for Moving with Kids

At Gentle Giant Moving Company, we know moving can be stressful for the entire family, especially when it involves moving with kids. Our goal with this advice is to make the transition as easy as possible.

If possible, arrange for childcare on move day. Unfortunately, moving can pose a number of dangers to children, including:

  • When large items are wrapped up in soft moving pads, children can get a false sense of safety and tend to pull on them or climb on them, not realizing what’s inside.
  • Small children can pick up pieces of tape and try to put them in their mouth and could choke.
  • Movers walking backwards with large pieces can trip over a child, causing serious injury.
  • Parents can be distracted by what’s going on with the move and are not able to keep as close an eye on their children.

Tips for Moving with Kids:

  • Help prepare kids for the move.
  • Show them the new house before the move.
  • Show them their new room(s) and discuss how to make it special for them.
  • Get their new room(s) set up immediately.
  • Explain what will happen on move day, so they will not think they will never see their things again, and that you will be at the new house waiting for them.
  • Allow children to pack a few of their own items to get them comfortable with the process.
  • Have kids decorate the boxes that will go to their room(s).
  • Keep select toys out and unpacked for them for the duration of the move.
  • Take a photo with them of their old room so they can remember it before it gets packed.
  • Suggest they draw (or better, draw with them) how they want their new room arranged and decorated.
  • Have your children write a note to the new occupants and leave it somewhere they will find it.
  • Ask the kids to think of old toys and/or clothes they can donate to charity before the move.
  • Before the move, ask your children to explain in their own words what is going to happen when you move. You will learn how they feel and if anything needs to be explained. This gets their fears out in the open, and you can address them before anxiety levels increase.