Tips for Moving Long Distance

When Gentle Giant started in 1980 as a small local mover in Boston, Massachusetts our goal was to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the competition by delivering the top moving and storage services with a crew of athletic, motivated, and caring employees. When we launched our long distance moving service in the early 2000s we aimed to make the same impact in a field of competitors that has been doing things the same way for a long time.

Tip 1: Choose Independent Long Distance Movers

What does that mean, you ask? We self-haul, which means that we don’t subcontract-out the pickup or send a driver to the destination to find labor once he gets there. The reason we self-haul is to control the quality on our moves (only Gentle Giant employees are involved). The vast majority of long distance moves in the United States are conducted by van lines and their affiliated agents. That means you might hire Company “A” to load your items in Boston, and Company “B” to drive it from Boston to San Francisco, and once you’re there – Company “C” will unload it into your new home. Gentle Giant only uses Gentle Giant employees from start to finish for all of our customers which is why we can offer our 100% crew member guarantee. Check out reviews from our long distance moving customers.

Tip 2: Schedule Your Long Distance Move a Month or More in Advance

Long distance moving can be a challenging process, and the more time you commit to planning, the smoother it will go. We typically recommend scheduling your move at least a month in advance (and up to six weeks prior during the summer), especially if you’re moving more than 500 miles. When you schedule your move with us we’ll work with you to establish a delivery window for when your items will arrive at their destination. Because we are an independent mover, we are able to give our customers much more accurate delivery windows than our competitors.

Note that even if your long distance move is less than a month away, you should still give us a call – sometimes there are cancellations or other last minute openings.

Tip 3: Get an Accurate Estimate for the Cost of Your Long Distance Move

To give you an accurate quote for your long distance or cross country move, one of Gentle Giant’s moving consultants will work with you to obtain an exact inventory of all the items you plan to move. In most cases we are able to do this online and over the phone. In some instances, for larger moves we will send someone out to survey your items in person. Once we have an accurate inventory for your long distance move, we use a formula to extrapolate the weight of your items in pounds. We combine that weight plus the distance in miles your items will be transported to calculate a price, which is called the “line haul.”

Tip 4: Understand Shuttle Charges, Truck Sizes, and Packing Costs

The line haul charge will make up the bulk of your moving cost, but there will almost always be additional charges in your estimate. For example, if you are moving from, or to a neighborhood with narrow streets we may have to use a shuttle to load or deliver your items. Shuttles are sometimes a necessity in long distance moving, because goods are transported on tractor-trailers (18 wheelers), which are over 60 feet long. If we cannot maneuver a tractor-trailer near the door at pick-up or delivery, a fee will apply to use a smaller truck to shuttle the goods to and from the trailer. Additionally, many of our customers hire us to pack their items for moving before loading them on the truck. There is an additional labor and materials charge for this service.

Tip 5: Make Your Long-Distance Move Hassle Free by Going with the Giants

Gentle Giant is committed to 100% customer satisfaction – whether you’re moving across the street or across the country. You can trust your belongings will be safe with us, while taking advantage of our other moving services that make the whole process easy for you and your family.

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