Movers FAQs

At Gentle Giant Moving Company, we take great pride in our movers and we are confident that they have the leadership skills and problem solving abilities to tackle moves of any complexity.

We understand that everyone does not immediately consider a position as a mover to be an exceptional career opportunity, but we hope you will read the following information and begin to understand why we think it’s one of the best job opportunities available.

What are the most important qualities in a mover?

Many people feel the only valuable qualities in a mover are size and strength. At Gentle Giant, we have a slightly different approach. While you will meet some actual Giants here (the average height of our movers is over 6′), the qualities we look for in our movers are professionalism, fitness, and a commitment to customer service. We pride ourselves on hiring the best employees who are looking for the best career opportunities.

What is a typical day like at Gentle Giant?

The short answer is that there is no typical day at Gentle Giant. You may be moving a rare book collector from his 200-year-old brownstone, heading out to California on an interstate move, or taking a ferry out to an island home to deliver a shipment of patio furniture.

The common thread each day is our commitment to the customer. This means our Giants will work until the job is complete. While this can make for some very long days (12 hour days are not unusual), a seven to nine hour day is typical. Whatever the length, being part of a hard working, professional crew makes a tough day much more enjoyable.

I don’t want to be a mover all my life. What kind of long term career opportunities exist?

Like any company who takes pride in its unique culture, we prefer to promote from within. With an aggressive growth strategy, not only do we encourage employees to rise through the ranks, we depend on it.
Over 95% of our management started their careers at Gentle Giant as a mover. As our company has grown geographically across the country, a team of over 10 regional managers has been established, each and every one of whom was first a mover.

I am in school and have a class schedule to manage. Can I schedule work around that?

At Gentle Giant, we encourage professional growth and development. All employees are free to set time restrictions on their monthly work calendars. We are determined to adhere to a person’s schedule outside of work so if a time restriction is indicated, our operations team will work around it.

How do I know when I’m working each day?

Gentle Giant movers determine their own schedule each month based on their needs. We place no requirements on how many or how few days an employee works. The schedule is set each night. By 7 p.m. EST all employees receive an email with their start time and location for the following day.

I have a vacation coming up that is already planned. Is that going to affect my job?

Gentle Giant employees are some of the best traveled in the industry. Working here offers the full flexibility to set your own schedule. Enjoy your trip, but make sure to send a postcard.