Gentle Giant Storage FAQs

Gentle Giant Storage FAQs

In addition to our award-winning moving services, Gentle Giant Moving Company offers storage services across our various locations. We are more than happy to assist you with identifying the right storage option depending on your lifestyle and inventory.

Our secure facilities and e-inventory are key benefits of our storage options. Here are some answers to FAQs about our storage to get the process started.

What is the price of Gentle Giant storage? Is it per vault or by amount of inventory?

In our Massachusetts storage locations, the charge for the initial vault is $90, although there is a discount for purchasing multiple vaults. The rate for each additional vault is discounted in a sliding scale up until the 10th vault, which costs $40. You will then be charged $40 for each vault over 10.

Our storage prices will vary across our different states and locations. For example, the starting price for vaults in New York and San Francisco is $99 per vault. A move consultant representing your state will be able to give you the appropriate rate.

How do I access my storage, and how much notice do I need to provide? What are the hours of access?

You can access your storage during regular warehouse hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and should provide at least 48 hours’ notice to the storage manager(s), which will vary depending on location.

In unique circumstances or emergencies, you may be able to access your storage with less than 48 hours’ notice. Weekend access is not guaranteed and is limited to 9 a.m. to noon with proper notification.

Is Gentle Giant storage climate-controlled?

The temperature at all our locations is kept at comfortable levels throughout the year, well within the range needed to prevent any damages due to high or low weather patterns. In addition, our Readville and Wilmington, Mass. locations have designated rooms set aside with the humidity level controlled to accommodate sensitive pieces such as pianos and artwork. Your move consultant or crew chief can advise you on whether or not a piece is in need of extra care.

What makes Gentle Giant storage different compared to self-storage units?

Gentle Giant storage will often be cheaper than self-storage units, depending on how many vaults are purchased.

Our vaults are in a private, controlled and secure environment. Self-storage units are at a greater risk for security issues, as anyone can walk by your unit.

We offer the same Gentle Giant care and valuation as our moves in order to protect your items. While in our possession, your items are still insured, while most self-storage and homeowner’s insurance facilities don’t offer this protection.

In the event of your vault needing to be moved, we can transfer your whole vault safely between our other locations with ease, without opening it and risking lost items.

Gentle Giant storage means we will wrap and secure your items with moving blankets to protect them, but a self-storage unit means you must buy your own protection.

Our e-inventory system is another impressive trait of our storage.
Storage Vault

Can you tell me more about this e-inventory system?

Based on 40 years of moving experience, we personally developed an industry-leading electronic inventory system to better serve our customers. The e-inventory provides our customers with a detailed list of items with a photo of each item and a clear description of the condition. It gives you the ability to view your items, reduces the time and effort to access individual items and eliminates paper waste.

We offer packing services, and if you hire Gentle Giant to assist with packing your storage items, each piece in the box will be typed out on the inventory while we pack and label your boxes. The benefit of using our packing services is the ability to use the native search function on your computer to find items quickly, since items packed in boxes by Gentle Giant have already been typed out.

Customers who choose to pack their own items will receive a photo of whatever they listed as what’s in the box. We will do our best to type in one or two specific items for easier recognition in our concierge-style storage system.

For example, if you list 15 items on the outside of the box, we will take a photo of the contents, but only type in what we believe are the most important one to two items. The photos cannot search for specific contents by your computer’s search function, therefore only the items which have been typed out by us will show up.

When you want to retrieve items from your vault(s), there is no need to move anything around your unit and waste time going through everything and unpacking. Instead, you will have a full picture list with descriptions, which can be checked and ordered from the comfort of your home. We are happy to offer a concierge-style storage system to make storing your items with us a seamless, comfortable process.

What security features are in place to protect my items?

All facilities have security cameras and use ADT security systems connected to local police and fire authorities. Only Gentle Giant personnel have codes to access the warehouse. Units are stacked and must be accessed by a professional using a forklift, which means they are safe and only accessible by a manager.

Our warehouse offers a self-contained unit with high walls, so there is plenty of room to stack multiple units and maximize the space available to customers.

Do you have an online bill payment option or an autopay service?

Our most popular payment option is autopay with a credit card. We manage our autopay service internally, so there is currently no manual self-service payment option. You can also pay via check.

We do not give a monthly autopay discount, but we offer a 5% discount if you pre-pay for six months or a 10% discount if you pre-pay for one year.

Storage fees are billed once a month on the anniversary date of when your items came into our facility.

What about storage insurance?

Your move consultant will determine the storage insurance amount and will be confirmed with you prior to the storage move-in date. The formula typically used to determine the insurance price is 1,000 lbs./vault x 7.

For example, if you have two vaults, the minimum insurance you can have is $15,000; this is rounded up as the insurance comes in $5,000 increments. You can choose to increase the amount if you would like, but you cannot go lower than the minimum.

We are thankful to provide reasonable prices for our storage plans. For example, if a customer tells us they have $30,000 worth of inventory in their vault, the insurance cost would only be $36 a month. Please speak with your move consultant for exact rates.
Full Storage Vault

Am I able to take a tour of the storage facility?

Yes! Please inquire directly with your move consultant if you are looking to have a tour of a storage facility in another state. Particularly in Massachusetts, tours are given to customers who specifically request a visit.

During the tour, the warehouse manager will explain how a crew unloads a vault, if there is a crew doing this while on a tour. If there are full vaults on the floor, he may open one to show how the vault is packed, depending on the situation.

Tour groups are shown our security features in the building and in the CC room. Fire extinguishers and crate rooms are pointed out. We will also point out our OS racks and explain that when pieces don’t fit in vaults (or overflow that would not take up at least half a vault), they are stored here.

You will learn that every piece in the warehouse is assigned an exact location, which is updated every day.

Tours usually take about 20 minutes, but the manager is available to chat with guests if needed.

What are your pest control policies?

Orkin Pest Control services each of our storage locations on a monthly basis, and the Wilmington, Mass. Orkin representative declared our facility as “the cleanest warehouse in the state.”

We do not place any pest-control items (such as mouse traps) into vaults directly, but any customer can place traps in their own vault(s) if desired.