Moving FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions When You Plan a Move

It is sometimes said that moving is life’s third greatest source of stress, behind only divorce or the death of a loved one. That’s a pretty weighty undertaking. When you plan a move with Gentle Giant Moving Company, you will find that this doesn’t have to be the case.

At Gentle Giant Moving Company, our 30 years of moving experience and our professional, diligent approach reduces the stress of moving. Naturally, customers have many questions about the move process. If the questions below do not address a concern that you have, please contact us directly – we’re happy to answers any and all questions about a move.

Moving Expenses

Why should I hire a professional mover?
How much will my local or long distance move cost?
Is moving labor the only moving expense I should expect?
How accurate will the moving estimate be?
Should I tip my movers?
Is valuation necessary?

Preparing to Move

How far in advance should I schedule my move?
What day of the week/date is best for a move?
I want to do some packing and moving before the movers arrive. What areas would be most helpful?
I have some items that I'd like to keep, but they won't fit in my new home. Should I store them?
What can I do to ensure that my belongings end up in the correct room during the move?
Do I need to empty out my filing cabinets when I move?
Can I leave clothing in my dresser drawers when I move?
What do I need to do to prepare my appliances for the move?
Will you move my plants?
Are there any items that you can not move?

Moving Day

How will the movers know what items to take and what to leave behind?
What if I haven't finished packing by my scheduled moving day?
Can the movers arrange the furniture to my liking in my new home?
I have a few prized possessions that I need treated with extra care. How can I guarantee this?
Can I keep moving expenses down by having a family member or friend help on moving day?
Can the movers transport my pets?
Can I ride in the cab of the moving truck with the movers?
Do the movers take time off for lunch? Do I need to provide lunch for them?
Can the movers dispose of trash on moving day?
Can my movers clean my home on moving day?
Is it possible to move during inclement weather?