Parking Permits for Moving

In our 30 years in business at Gentle Giant Moving Company, we’ve learned that the efficiency of a move (and, therefore, the cost) will be greatly affected by the access of the truck and the parking situation. Where necessary, we highly recommend securing the appropriate permits for parking.

It is important that you verify parking procedures for moving trucks with your town’s department of transportation and, if applicable, with your building management. Please be advised that failure to obtain required permits can result in the shut down of a move by local authorities and the customer will be responsible for all tickets and/or fines.

In addition, if Gentle Giant cannot secure parking within reasonable proximity of the entrance, additional charges may apply for long walks.

Gentle Giant Moving Company can facilitate parking permits for the following locations:


Although Gentle Giant does not facilitate the permitting process in the following locations, it is advised that you verify whether or not they are needed:

New York

  • New York City

New York does not have a permitting system that protects moving companies and, therefore, you may incur tickets during the moving process. It is estimated that you might pay anywhere between $150 and $250 in parking fines. Please Contact your moving coordinator to discuss the best handling of these fines on your moving bill.

North Carolina

  • Charlotte – Please call “Park It!” at 704-375-3177 to see if parking permits are required in your specific area.
  • Raleigh – Please call “Park Raleigh” at 919-828-1020 to see if parking permits are required in your specific area.

Metro Washington, DC