10 Questions to Ask Your Apartment Management Company Before Move-In Day

10 Questions to Ask Your Apartment Management Company Before Move-In Day

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog post by Carolyn Frith, a content creator from Fidelity Management.

You’ve found the perfect apartment and you’re ready to move in. For a smooth move-in day, you will want to make a few final arrangements before arriving at your new apartment. To show up and simply “hope for the best” could result in parking violations, unloading problems, delays and extra expenses.

Avoid issues and ask your new apartment management company these ten helpful questions:

1. What is my new address?

You will need to provide your moving company with a destination address to receive an accurate estimate and make sure the movers will know where to bring your belongings.  

2. Who can I reach in case of an emergency?

Even the most organized plans can fall apart. Planes can be late, moving trucks can break down, and everything in between. If you’re going to arrive late, you’ll want to make sure you still have access to your new apartment and if unloading can be rescheduled if necessary.

3. Is there an unloading policy?

Understanding the unloading policy is always important. You may be required to use a loading dock or to reserve a freight elevator.  The apartment manager may need a rough count on the number of furniture pieces and boxes you’ll be moving. For a condo rental, you may even need to provide a certificate of insurance to management in case of damage.

4. Do I need to schedule my arrival?

In situations where parking could be a challenge, you may need to arrange a set time for the arrival of your moving truck. Find out just how specific you will need to be about the move-in time. Most buildings will provide a time window.

5. Will I need to provide wall and floor protection during the move?

A professional moving company should have everything you need to protect walls and floors from scuffs, scratches and damage. Ask in advance to ensure you and your movers arrive equipped.

6. Where can I park a truck, and for how long?

City parking is always challenging. Whether you’re renting a truck or hiring professional movers, you’ll need to know about parking in advance. Is there a designated area for trucks? Is there a best time of day to park? How long can you occupy the space? If arriving late, can you park overnight if necessary? Is there a limit on truck size that will fit?

7. Where do I get keys and building access codes?

When you arrive, you will need access to your building, your apartment and any other locked areas, such as the storage locker or the parking garage. You don’t want to be stranded on a cold night with no way to get into your new home and end up having to find a hotel room for the night.

8. Can I make utility and delivery arrangements before arriving?

If you’re responsible for utilities, you’ll want to set up an account prior to moving in. Also, if you’re having new or rental furniture delivered, find out if everything can be delivered and set up before you arrive.

9. Is there a place to dispose of packing boxes?

It may be necessary to unpack on the spot and arrange for the movers to take away the boxes and packing materials if you find there is no place to recycle your boxes on-site. Some moving companies may charge extra for this service, so it’s worth asking in advance, while others will take your boxes for free.

10. Is there anything else I need to know?

This is a good catch-all question which may or may not have an answer. It gives your apartment management company a chance to volunteer useful information they may not have thought to share otherwise. For example, they might want to tell you they have a utility dollie you can borrow, share a tip about how to get a particularly large piece of furniture up a narrow staircase, or let you know about upcoming events which could cause traffic delays on your move-in day.

Moving and starting life in a new city is an exciting time. Planning in advance can help ensure you get started on the right foot.