3 Ways Gentle Giant Keeps Your Kitchen Safe

3 Ways Gentle Giant Keeps Your Kitchen Safe

We are proud to say that Gentle Giant Moving Company has perfected one of the toughest parts of a household move: packing a kitchen.

If you decide to let Gentle Giant handle the Pack and Prep of your move, you will see one of our highly trained crews execute the following steps in your kitchen. These can also be applied to almost every other room in your house that has breakables.

1. Prepare a Workstation
The first step in setting up a work space is de-cluttering. This provides a clean area to lay out packing paper, and lets the box you are packing stand at an appropriate height. A mistake some folks make is keeping the box on the floor, which can cause back strain from continuously bending over.

2. Paper Bumpers
In the kitchen, almost everything is breakable and fragile. To prevent damage, the first step should be to lay paper bumpers across the bottom of the box. This provides a cushion to all the box’s contents, and will limit the impact on the contents if there is any contact with the box.

3. Item Placement
For large boxes of fragile items, be conscious of the weight of the box and how it is packed. Placing the heavier items on the bottom of the box is the best approach. Make sure to separate each layer of items with paper bumpers. After these bumpers are across the layer, the box can be filled with lighter, more delicate items, using plenty of paper to protect them.