5 Budget-Friendly Long-Distance Moving Tips

5 Budget-Friendly Long-Distance Moving Tips

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog post from Jennifer Woodruff, a content creator based in Connecticut.

Long-distance moving can be a stressful and complicated challenge, and the cost can add up quickly. When relocating far from home, it’s important to carefully calculate costs and create a plan to stay on budget.

Here are some tips to spend less during your long-distance move:

1.) Create a budget

The best way to keep costs low is to create and stick to a budget. First, take inventory of what you’ll need to pack to move to your new place. This will inform how much help you need to hire. Then, do your research into moving and storage costs and insurance fees, as well as parking permits for your destination. These can add up, so it’s important to understand where you want to spend your money from the start so you stay within budget.

Make sure to save room in your budget for any emergencies or extra expenses. Whether it’s a flat tire on your drive or several nights of takeout when you arrive, you’ll want to feel prepared to purchase anything you need to get settled.

2.) Donate items beforehand

Take the opportunity to downsize your inventory and re-evaluate your possessions before moving. What pieces do you need to replace? What have you grown out of? What’s out of style? If you’re still holding on to outdated rugs or lumpy couches, donate those items to a local thrift store or shelter. Then, invest in some new, affordable furniture and décor to eliminate moving headaches and expenses. For example, you can order sofas online and have them delivered right to your new address at a low cost so you don’t need to have movers transport them from house to house.

3.) Hire a reputable moving company

A long-distance move means you should seriously consider hiring a moving company you trust. Your movers are handling some of your most prized possessions, so the company you choose is not a decision to be made lightly. Choosing a company without a strong reputation means you could deal with expensive issues or unexpected payments at the end, costing you more in the long run. Instead of the headache, hire expert long-distance movers to feel assured your belongings will make it safely to your destination.

4.) Move during a non-peak time

Planning your move for a non-peak month or day can save you a lot in initial moving, design, and landscaping costs. The busiest season for real estate, moving, and home design is May-September when children aren’t in school and families have more flexibility to move. Planning for the off-season can make your move easier overall by creating shorter wait times and less traffic. If possible, try to take a day or two off during the week to make the move as smooth as possible.

5.) Make money off your move

Finding ways to make money while downsizing for your move can bring extra income to ease your financial stress. Host a yard sale or trade-in old electronics for additional funds to stretch your budget while freeing space in the moving truck. When purchasing moving boxes, you can buy quality used boxes instead of new boxes to save money and the planet by reducing waste. Small steps like these can help keep overall costs low while still making the moving experience easy.

A long-distance move doesn’t need to destroy your finances. Creating a sound budget and a strategic spending plan means you can enjoy an affordable and stress-free move so your focus can be on settling into your new home with ease. Looking for a mover near you? Get in touch with us today and get a custom quote for your move.