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5 Gentle Giant Approved New Year’s Resolutions

5 Gentle Giant Approved New Year’s Resolutions

With the year and the decade drawing to a close, people around the world are setting out goals for 2020 with hope and determination. Life can get busy, so it is helpful to take time to reflect on the previous year (or in this case, 10 years) and think about where you would like to go in the upcoming year or decade.

Feeling a bit stumped? Here are some of our favorite New Year’s resolutions to keep you on track and focused on health and wellness, for yourself and your community. 

  1. Exercise more to improve fitness – Year after year, this is one of the most common goals set for January 1st and for a good reason. Physical fitness is a pillar of a healthy mind and body and can bring dramatic improvement to quality and longevity of life. With an on-site gym, on-staff chiropractor and Crossfit coach, organized workouts, and great benefits, Gentle Giant helps to keep employees and movers fit, happy, and healthy!
  2. Do something to help others in your community – Help yourself by helping others! This is a common and valuable goal that can bring personal satisfaction and fulfillment while bettering the lives of those around you. Since the beginning, Gentle Giant has made giving back to the community a priority in both large and small ways: weekly visits to read to local children; annual holiday toy drives; sponsorship of local sports events and teams and a partnership with Move for Hunger. Gentle Giant offers ample opportunities for employees to volunteer and get involved in charitable causes.
  3. Save money and set financial goals – The importance of health and wellness extends beyond just the physical and into how you manage and balance stress in your life. A primary source of stress for many people is finances, so getting a good handle on your budget and your financial goals can help greatly with financial stress. Recognizing this, Gentle Giant offers annual classes on budgeting and wealth management.  Plus, the tips our movers get are great!
  4. Try new things – Whether it’s learning a new skill, studying a new language, finding a new hobby, or looking into a new career, variety is the spice of life. This easy and somewhat vague resolution is a great way to push your limits and get out of your comfort zone while feeling like you have accomplished one of your goals! Gentle Giant encourages learning and experimenting with many opportunities to take on new job responsibilities, and the flexibility to pursue interests outside of work and make time for hobbies. Our international work force might even be a great way to try out a new language!
  5. Clear the excess clutter from your life – The minimalist living trend has taken off in the last few years with people continually assessing what items spark joy. Removing excess clutter is an effective way to streamline your physical possessions, while also freeing up space mentally and emotionally to accomplish some of the other goals and resolutions set out. An uncluttered home can help with an uncluttered mind. There are not many workplaces who can help you see this value firsthand more than a moving company!

Interested in finding a new workplace who can help you reach some of these resolutions in 2020? With opportunities for fitness, volunteering, financial planning, new experiences, and a bit of clutter reduction knowledge, Gentle Giant strives to offer employees ways to improve their overall wellness. Check out our careers page and come join the team!