5 Things to Know Before Moving to South Florida

5 Things to Know Before Moving to South Florida

As the coronavirus pandemic continues and the winter makes its presence known in the upcoming months, many families are considering relocation in order to seek warmer weather or save money on housing costs.

For those considering South Florida as a potential destination, here are five things you should know before moving to this part of the country:

1.) South Florida summers are long, hot, and humid

Just like winters in New England seem to last for half the year and have extremely frigid temperatures, the summer in South Florida unofficially starts in April and doesn’t show signs of ending until at least the end of October. The average temperature is around 88 degrees Fahrenheit, but the high humidity across South Florida often means it feels even warmer. Make sure to stock up on SPF and prepare to use it daily to stay safe and protected in the sun.

2.) South Florida is a hurricane hotspot

Speaking of extreme weather, South Florida is known for its hurricanes, and for being the nation’s capital for lighting. The hurricane season in South Florida begins at the start of June and goes through the end of November, which means you’ll need to have plans in place to stay safe and avoid damage to your home. Flooded roads and palm trees swaying in the intense wind are common sights. In order to prepare, find out if your desired neighborhood is a mandatory evacuation zone, and put together a hurricane kit in your home with emergency essentials. Installing hurricane shutters on your home is a great preventative measure, especially for those who consider themselves “snowbirds” and may not be at their South Florida residence during hurricane season.

3.) South Florida differs greatly from North Florida

The entire state of Florida is typically known for its weather, oranges, and gators, but locals know there are differences between North and South Florida, especially the following two major factors. First, the weather is more extreme in South Florida, including hotter temperatures and rising ocean levels. You’ll need to keep this in mind if you’re considering purchasing a beach house in South Florida. Second, the culture of the two areas differ, with North Florida reflecting the traditional “American South” found in states like Georgia and Alabama, and South Florida strongly reflecting its Latin American and Caribbean influences.

4.) South Florida is home to many seniors and retirees

The warm weather and tax benefits in Florida makes it a popular destination for many seniors and retirees. Millennials shouldn’t feel intimidated by this information, as there are still plenty of opportunities available to them in South Florida, such as homeownership opportunities and careers in the tourism and hospitality industries. There are certain areas of South Florida which draw in seniors and retirees – such as Palm Beach and Naples – due to their bustling retirement communities, white sandy beaches, and photo worthy sunsets. The tax friendliness of the state is still a major draw for retirees, since there is no state income tax, which allows seniors to receive their Social Security retirement benefits, pension income, and 401k income without tax. There is no estate or inheritance tax, and property and sales tax rates compare to national averages, which means more money in your wallet to take advantage of the many South Florida shopping opportunities.

5.) South Florida has a lively party scene

In between the seniors and retirees lies a robust party scene for younger residents seeking the excitement of city nightlife, particularly in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Delray Beach. South Florida nightlife isn’t as prominent as Hollywood makes it seem, but when you’re looking for it, there are plenty of areas of South Florida which provide this lifestyle and opportunities for celebrity sightings. The stunning beaches combined with trendy clubs and bars makes it easy to socialize and have a fun time.

Once you’ve considered these five factors, start packing your bags and reach out to a trustworthy, full-service South Florida moving company to plan your route and receive a free estimate.