5 Helpful Tips for Getting Adjusted to a New City After a Long-Distance Move

5 Helpful Tips for Getting Adjusted to a New City After a Long-Distance Move

Whether for a job, family, or a variety of other reasons, a long-distance move might be in your future. Once you’ve booked the move and secured your new home, it is beneficial to start considering how you’ll become acclimated to your new city.

Here are five suggestions for getting adjusted to your new city after a long-distance move:

1.) Introduce yourself to your neighbors

Beyond meeting them for safety reasons, your neighbors will likely have some great local recommendations for where to order take-out, the best grocery store in the area, and community activities for you and your family to enjoy. Once you’ve unpacked some of your boxes, consider hosting a housewarming party or a potluck dinner to expand your network and break the ice.

2.) Get a library card

Keep yourself entertained on the cheap by getting a library card at your new local library. You’ll be able to explore and borrow from a whole new selection of books, movies and music compared to your former city, and visiting the library can often be a key way to tap into what the local community has to offer. Many libraries host community events and have an event calendar, so check their bulletin board during your visit to add some joy to your mind and your social life.

3.) Join a sports league or local gym

Staying healthy and active is way more fun when you have friends to keep you entertained and accountable. Local sports leagues offer a stress-free way to meet new people, explore landmarks in your new city, and stay in shape simultaneously. Many cities and towns offer sports leagues of all kinds so you can find an activity you truly enjoy; there’s a sport for everyone.

Especially in the upcoming winter months, or if you’re not looking for a firm commitment to a team, joining a local gym might be a better option for your lifestyle. You will be able to work out at your own pace, but you will have the chance to meet new friends in the locker room, in group fitness classes, or at the check-in desk. Keep an open mind and maintain a respectful and lighthearted attitude, and soon you might have a new workout buddy!

4.) Explore your transportation options

Whether you want to plan out your commute to work or figure out the best route to get to the lively downtown area of your new city, it’s essential to learn the best method of transportation to arrive at your destination efficiently. In many cities, you will find owning a car isn’t necessary, as a plethora of walking routes and public transportation may be sufficient for your transportation needs. In other places, a car may be necessary to safely get to your destination without any delays. Research parking options and prices for the various places you think you’ll need to park so you can prepare accordingly.

It is worthwhile to take a leisurely trip on your new city’s preferred method of public transportation, whether a bus or train, to get a feel for the various routes and price of the fare. By the time you have friends from other cities in town to visit you, you’ll be well-versed in where to take them and how to get there!

5.) Give yourself plenty of time to adjust

After undergoing such a monumental life change, it is so important to extend an extra amount of patience and grace to yourself as you settle into a new city and home. You won’t meet a brand-new group of close friends or see all of your neighborhood hot spots overnight. There will be difficult days where you wonder whether or not moving was a smart decision or if you can handle it; know you can handle anything.

Continue to stay alert, attentive and engaged, and before you know it, you’ll be an essential part of your new community. Say yes to every opportunity you can, have fun, and enjoy this new journey!

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