Best Movers in Philadelphia

Best Movers in Philadelphia

Have you ever asked someone about their worst moving experience? Give it a go. There’s a good chance they’ll have a nightmare story for you. Unfortunately, movers are oftentimes synonymous with broken furniture, damaged floors, and sometimes outright scams. And it’s not unusual for movers to cancel the night before your move or not show at all.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Since getting our trucks on the road in 1980, Gentle Giant has been making moves (pun intended) to improve the reputation of the moving industry. And we’ve done a pretty great job if we say so ourselves. While winning the lifelong loyalty of our customers is our greatest source of pride, we can’t help but be excited by the awards we have received in recognition of our high-quality service. This includes recently being named Metro Philly’s Best Moving Company for 2023 by local Philadelphians.

Led by longtime Giant Andrew Rozzi (since 2003!), Gentle Giant Philadelphia has been recognized for its expert movers, exceptional customer service, and transparency, among other criteria.

Professional Philadelphia Movers

Did you know many moving companies employ one-day hires with little to no training or moving experience? I know I was surprised by that. But Gentle Giant strives for better. All movers who walk into your home on moving day are background-checked, fully insured, and trained.

100% Philadelphia Moving Crew Guarantee

We’re so confident in our moving crews and training standards that we even offer a unique 100% Crew Guarantee. This guarantee promises our customers a full refund in the unlikely event that they are not satisfied with any member or all of their moving crew.

Accurate Moving Quotes

Another reason why we were voted Phildelphia’s best movers? The accuracy and transparency of our move quotes. Most of Gentle Giant’s sales department has a tenure of 5+ years. This collective experience enables our team to provide accurate quotes, with approximately 90% of their jobs coming in at or under their estimates.

And our quotes aren’t just accurate; they are also transparent. While many moving companies tack on additional costs after your move, Gentle Giant provides all costs (that you have accounted for) upfront. So you don’t have to fear any unwanted surprises once you are moved into your new home.

80%+ Repeat Customers and Referral Rate

Our reputation for transparency, quality crews, and professionalism is reinforced by the number of customers who keep coming back to us. Over 80% of Gentle Giant’s business comes from repeat customers and referrals. This statistic is a testament to the company’s commitment to building lasting relationships with our customers. Rather than viewing each move as a one-time transaction, we focus on making a lasting impression that turns customers into lifelong advocates.

Dedicated Quality Control Team for your Philadelphia Move

We would be lying if we said all of our movers go perfectly. While most of our moves go off without a hitch, we know mistakes can happen. That’s why our dedicated quality control department handles any issues arising during or after a move. Instead of referring customers to a generic 1-800 number, customers deal directly with a specific quality control team member, ensuring that concerns are addressed promptly and to our customer’s satisfaction.

Don’t want to take our word for it? Here are some of the reasons why our Philadelphia customers voted us Metro Philly’s Best Movers.

Gentle Giant Philadelphia Moving Reviews

“Having never hired a moving company before, I asked my realtor for a recommendation. Without hesitation, she said Gentle Giant! The process of getting the initial estimate was very easy, and everyone was very responsive. James A., Scott B., and Chris J. all did an awesome job on moving day!

I really appreciated how they made sure to ask where to put anything that wasn’t obvious and everything arrived undamaged. They even got my 9-foot plant moved safely. Would definitely hire again and recommend to others. Thanks GG!”

— Owen in Philadelphia, PA, December 2023

“Gentle Giant has been the best moving company I have worked with. From the quick response from Matthew C. to the assistance of Dominique P. in organizing the move and dealing with an apartment change at the last minute, they remained positive and helpful. Our moving crew, consisting of James A., Chris J., and Slaven S., was amazing!

This is the first move where nothing was broken or scratched, which is unbelievable for how quickly they moved. They set everything up for us. They were even kind enough to assist us in removing items from our cars. I will be recommending Gentle Giant to all of my family and friends. You will not be disappointed with this company.”

— Aronya in Philadelphia, PA, November 2023

“Moving, no matter the distance, is stressful and unpleasant. My boyfriend and I weren’t moving far but were completely overwhelmed after trying to move our things bit by bit. From the moment I requested an estimate from Gentle Giant, I received nothing but amazing service. On the day of our actual move, three charming, funny, and considerate guys showed up at our door (early)! James A., Stephen C, and Mikyas B. were a dream team. They took great care with all our furniture and offered to take more than what we had listed on our estimated inventory.

They helped move our art collection and a closet full of clothes on hangers, all things we had considered moving in our car. There were some issues going into our new building (a service elevator that was down and painters who were finishing up). But these guys were professional, taking everything in stride. I was so anxious about the move, but they put me at ease. Even though there were extra charges added at the end, the total amount was still way less than what we had expected. Hands down, I would recommend Gentle Giant to anyone who needs to move!”

— Dafna in Philadelphia, PA, September 2023

Are you planning a local or long-distance Philly move? Hire Metro Philly’s Best Moving Company, Gentle Giant, for the job! Check out our moving checklist for further information on how to prepare and use our free move estimate tool to determine the cost of your relocation.