Building a Career at Gentle Giant Moving Company

Building a Career at Gentle Giant Moving Company

Gentle Giant prides itself on being not only a moving company, but a people development company. We put great emphasis on hiring the best people we can and focus on helping them flourish in their careers. While most employees enter our ranks through the mover position, there is ample opportunity to grow, expand, and climb through the Gentle Giant ranks to a variety of roles.

On the first day of training, all new hires receive a copy of the Gentle Giant job ladder. It is a document that clearly lays out what employees needs to accomplish in order to advance. The transparency strives to offer our employees a path of growth and advancement that benefits all involved. Whether you are a full-time mover looking to establish yourself in a company that offers exceptional support and benefits, or you are a college student looking to maximize how much money you can make during your summer breaks, the job ladder has a path for everyone.

We call it a “choose your own adventure” of sorts, allowing employees the opportunity to drive their growth and dictate the direction they many want to move. From mover to driver to multiple levels of “crew chief,” running all types of jobs, there is space to build on a career by developing new soft skills and customer services management. Very few jobs prepare you as well for a career in customer service than working in a person’s home and helping them relocate the contents of their life.

With a focus on developing employees and encouraging internal growth, Gentle Giant also offers great opportunity for employees to move from operations to office. For those who are not interested in a lifelong career moving, all office jobs are posted internally, and operations staff are encouraged to consider potential career changes that would expand their experience and resume. Rotational roles in quality control and sales offer movers the opportunity to gain new skills and explore other areas of interest before committing to any major changes.

Many of our senior and middle management teams began their careers on the trucks at Gentle Giant and have worked their way up through the ranks. Take, for example, our recruiting team. The recruiting manager began as a mover right out of college, moved up to become the manager of a local branch office, before moving into the recruiting manager role.

Another star recruiter began on the trucks before rotating to the quality control team, working her way up to the quality control manager, and finally expressing interest in exploring a new aspect of the business in networking and recruiting. It is an exciting way for Gentle Giant to keep the best and brightest engaged while offering employees unique opportunities for growth.

Come start your career with Gentle Giant and see where it might take you!