Gentle Giant’s Chicago Movers Support Komen Race for the Cure

Gentle Giant’s Chicago Movers Support Komen Race for the Cure

Last month, our Chicago movers had the opportunity to assist with Chicagoland Mother’s Day Race for the Cure, a fundraiser sponsored by Susan G. Komen. As a sponsor of the event, we assisted with storage and transportation logistics for supplies before, during and after the event. The race took place near Montrose Harbor.

Mother’s Day Race for the Cure Raises Money for Komen’s Cancer Research

Race for the Cure is one of the main fundraising events the Komen Foundation puts together to fund research efforts related to breast cancer. Approximately 75% of the net proceeds of Race for the Cure stay within the respective city’s community. These funds support screening, diagnosis and treatment services, safe and accurate breast cancer information, and patient navigation programs. The remaining 25% of funds go towards national Komen initiatives such as new early detection technologies, more effective treatments and deeper understanding of metastasis and how to treat and prevent its recurrence.

Gentle Giant Chicago Movers

We have assisted with the Komen race in Chicago for the past few years, and we enjoy playing a small part in making their events successful. These events allow us to reach out and serve our neighbors in Chicago and beyond, as our Illinois extension of Gentle Giant Moving Company continues to grow. We are always open to learning about new ways to serve others within the cities we operate from, and we appreciated the chance to work with the Komen foundation once again.