5 Tips for Cold Winter Moves

5 Tips for Cold Winter Moves

It’s a chilly 12°F today in Somerville, MA where Gentle Giant Moving Company is headquartered. With winter in full swing, we are taking all necessary precautions to make sure every move is safe and efficient.

Here are some practical winter moving tips:

1. Slow Down – Our trucks do not move as fast as cars, so we make sure that we are driving with extra care in the winter. With weather changes and school back in session, we make sure to allow for extra time on the road.

2. Be Prepared – We carry shovels and other ice and snow removal tools with us to job sites. This allows us to clear a safe and ice-free path when moving your most precious items.

3. Protect Your Floors – Winter slush can create quite the mess. We assist by covering your floors and carpets to avoid tracking in snow.

4. Make Sure Your Items Are Climate Controlled – Consider which of your belongings are sensitive to temperature. Plants, food, and materials that expand or contract with extreme temperature shifts should not be stored overnight in a moving truck. We recommend transporting these items in your own vehicle or enlisting Gentle Giant Storage for your climate control needs.

5. Be Flexible – Although many moving companies are seasonal, Gentle Giant operates year round. With fewer customers moving in the winter months, the more flexible you are with your date of move, the more likely you are to get a better deal.

Stay warm and safe!